Bamboo Facts

Aug 2, 2014


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A special grass

More than two thirds of the world depends on bamboo as an amazing building material. As a grass, it is readily renewable and can be harvested continually without replanting. Once harvested and cured, it is stronger than maple or red oak.
The fibers of bamboo can be spun into fabric which is incredibly soft, amazingly absorbent, and naturally anti-microbial. With over 2000 known varieties, bamboo may very well be the most useful and versatile natural resource on the planet.

Some of bamboo’s ecological benefits:

· grows faster than any plant on earth
· produces 30% more oxygen than an equal area of trees
· renews itself and requires no chemical fertilizers or pesticides
· improves soil and controls erosion

And some of its performance advantages:

· softer and more breathable
· better UV protection
· moisture wicking and highly absorbent
· naturally hypo-allergenic