Wildlife on the line: Pacific Wildlife Care

Where do you go when you have a harmed hummingbird?  A banged-up bunny?  An orphaned owl?  On the Central Coast, you can take your injured animals to Pacific Wildlife Care, the largest animal rehabilitation center in San Luis Obispo County.  PWC is committed to caring for and reintroducing damaged and orphaned wildlife back into their respective habitats.  In addition to medical treatment, the non-profit organization also provides educational material and outreach programs to the community.

Founded in 2007 and licensed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the PWC is one of 12 primary facilities for the Oiled Wildlife Care Network.  A 24-hour, 365 day telephone line is available for information and public appeals to aid injured animals.  Their dedicated group of volunteers staff the Center around the clock, making sure that all new patients are properly transported, accepted, treated, and eventually released. Their doors are open from 8am-6pm for walk-in evaluations  at their offices in Morro Bay.

Located right off of Highway 101, the PWC houses a state of the art facility to examine, house, and nourish a number of wild species.  They take in nearly 1,500 animals each year, carefully cataloging and charting their progress from their first moments inside the PWC to their departure back into the wild.  Hotline operators and the FAQ section of their website advises rescuers on how to stabilize their charges and usher them to the professionals. Their participation in community events further instructs humans on how to care for their fellow species through live animal presentations and talks.

To help care for wildlife in distress, call the PWC hotline at 1-800-WILD (9453).  Volunteers have many opportunities to aid in rescue!  Visit their site to sign up for training manning the emergency response line, transporting injured animals, education outreach, fundraising, maintenance and repair work, feeding, and cleaning.  Donations to the PWC, sponsorships, and membership purchases can be made through their online giving center.

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