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As a part of Bambu Batu’s ongoing fundraiser for marriage equality, the next recipient of our Kale shirt donations will be The All Family Project. Based out of San Francisco, the non-profit encourages social equality by countering negative stereotypes of the LGBT community with videos and photographic essays featuring gay and lesbian families.

Their primary audience is middle America heterosexuals, and since that demographic is unlikely to visit their Facebook page or YouTube channel, they have decided to take their message to them. Depicting same sex couples and their children on billboards across the nation, The All Family Project hopes to encourage tolerance and familiarity. For those inside the LGBT community, they seek to complement other organizations focused on empowerment and awareness and to show the unsure that it is possible to raise a happy and healthy family.

To prove that same sex couples are not just a “coastal phenomenon”, they invite families from all over the world to pose for photographic essays. Other than names and general geographic area, no personal information is given, allowing the smiling faces to tell their stories. They also encourage participants and supporters to host grassroots parties to help spread their message of love and acceptance.

As in any campaign challenging traditional, narrow-minded notions, the Project was faced with resistance when trying to establish their ads. In Salt Lake City, Utah, they tried for 7 months to install transit ads on 12 buses. Eventually, their photos were accepted, but were forced to remove their copy reading, “2 Moms + 1 Child = Family”. Even though the transit system was funded by the government, the decision to erase their message was a direct result of pressure from the LDS community. Regardless of the church’s views, however, the Project still maintains that, “We are all, after all, all family”.

For more information on The All Family Project and what you can do to support them, visit their official site and Facebook page or come into the store and purchase a Kale For Marriage Equality t-shirt!



“No snow.  No ski.” asserts the Soul Poles website.  The company, based in Utah, makes ski poles out of bamboo and knows all to well the impact that global warming is having on the levels of alpine snow. Acknowledging the fact that climate change directly influences the success of their business, Soul Poles has committed itself to being as environmentally responsible as possible.  Founded by former members of the U.S. Ski Team racers, the equipment is fashioned by hand in the United States, helping to create local jobs and and curb emissions that contribute to the rise of greenhouse gasses.

Poles are available in models suited for both skiing and trekking.  Fabricated using bamboo, recycled plastics, and recycled aluminum they are available in a natural finish or customized colors that use a low VOC water-based paint and clear coat.  Sturdy and attractive, the body of the pole is 100% biodegradable. Ranging from $110-350, Soul Poles are a fantastic alternative to non-recyclable synthetic materials.

In an effort to help the ski and snowboard industry become a little more green, Soul Poles has partnered with Recycle Utah to educate consumers on how to safely dispose of their unwanted gear.  The company is also a member of 1% for the Planet, a non-profit that contributes a portion of total revenue to environmental organizations.  Soul Poles also partners with World Cup Dreams, a group that assists winter sports athletes to achieve their goals as professional competitors, and Protect Our Winters which focuses on uniting and engaging the global snow sports community.