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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to answer as many questions as possible but if you have any other queries please feel free to get in touch.

Do you sell live bamboo plants?

We do not sell live bamboo. We encourage you to purchase plants locally, and so we have created a directory of bamboo nurseries around the country.

What are the best species of bamboo to grow in my garden?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. We have created a series of articles help you select the best varieties of bamboo, including a very popular article on cold hardy bamboos for snowy climates.

Is it a bad idea to plant bamboo?

Bamboo has earned a pretty bad reputation in some gardening circles. In fact, some species of running bamboo can be extremely invasive. But there are also a wide variety clumping bamboos which are much easier to control and maintain.

How do I care for bamboo clothing?

Bamboo clothing is luxuriously soft and comfortable, but it is relatively easy to care for. Our general recommendation is to wash cold and dry low or hang dry. See our in-depth article on how to wash and care for bamboo clothing.

Are your products certified organic?

The bamboo crops used to make our clothing and bedding are certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program. In addition, Yala is a proud member of the Organic Trade Association whose mission is to promote and protect the growth of organic trade to benefit the environment, farmers, the public and the economy.

Is all of your bamboo clothing produced according to fair trade practices?

We source as many products as we can from the United States and Canada, but being indigenous to China, many bamboo items are produced in China. We are very selective about working with small and dedicated manufacturers who are inspired by bamboo’s environmental benefits and diligent about maintaining the most ethical labor practices possible. We believe it is important to support those respectable companies who are creating fair jobs and real opportunities anywhere in the world. At Bambu Batu, we take great pride not only in the quality of our finished products, but also in the people, stories and intentions behind those products.

Why is the bamboo fiber called viscose from bamboo?

Viscose refers to the process of turning the bamboo pulp into fiber by dissolving it in solvent and spinning the solution. The processing plant that makes the fiber uses a closed loop system. That means up to 98% of the water and chemicals are captured and reused. The result is a fiber with a very soft feel and a lovely drape.

How do I receive notices of new products?

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What on Earth is a Batu?

Bambu Batu is the Indonesian name for a specific variety of bamboo. Batu is actually Malay (Indonesian) for “rock”, as in rock bamboo, more commonly translated as iron bamboo. Yes, that’s Bambu Batu: the Iron Bamboo — also known as Dendrocalamus Strictus.
Growing to heights of 60 feet or more, with canes up to 5″ in diameter, Bambu Batu is a giant clumper. This unusual black timber bamboo is native to southeast Asia and the Indonesian archipelago. It is considered the supreme variety for furniture and construction.

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