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 A directory of links to businesses and organizations in the bamboo industry.


Directory of Bamboo Gardens

Directory of Bamboo Nurseries

Bamboo Nurseries in the Western US

Bamboo Nurseries in California

Bamboo Nurseries in the Eastern States

Bamboo Nurseries in the South

Bamboo Furniture Producers

  • Bamboo 54: Inexpensive bamboo furniture made in Vietnam and distributed out of southern California. 
  • Greenington: Modern, high-end furniture made from solid, laminated bamboo. Based in Washington.

Bamboo Clothing Producers

  • Bamboosa: Offering bamboo socks, face masks, and assorted styles for men, women, babies. Made in USA.
  • Boody Wear: Specializing in underwear and undershirts for men and women, using a blend of bamboo and synthetics. 
  • Kickee Pants: Long standing maker of some fabulous bamboo PJs and outfits for little ones.
  • Onno: Plain bamboo t-shirts for men and women, ideal for screen printing. Based in Colorado.
  • Spun Bamboo: Based in Southern California. Specializing in bamboo socks, underwear and blank t-shirts.
  • Sweet Bamboo: Bamboo PJ sets for infants and children.
  • Yala Designs: Setting the standard with their BambooDreams® fabric, a blend of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex. Based in Ashland, Oregon.

Bamboo for the Kitchen and Bath

  • Bambu: With dozens of bamboo cutting board manufacturers out there, Bambu is a cut above the rest. 
  • Totally Bamboo: Another top supplier of bamboo kitchenwares, with excellent quality and wonderful selection.
  • To-Go Ware: Makers of the classic bamboo utensil sets.
  • Daisy House: Towels from bamboo and Turkish cotton, made in Turkey, based in Colorado.

Bamboo Building Materials

  • The Best Bamboo: Direct exporter of bamboo from Colombia
  • Bamboo Grove: Bamboo lumber and building materials from Illinois
  • Cali Bamboo: Green building and construction materials from San Diego, CA
  • Guadua Bamboo: Bamboo specialists and exporters from Colombia 

Directory of Zero Waste Stores in California

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Woody vs Herbaceous Bamboo: Introducing Olyreae

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Bamboo anatomy: 9 Parts of the bamboo plant

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How to get rid of bamboo: Removing the menace

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