Bamboo is undoubtedly one of the strongest, most versatile materials for construction. Lightweight, sturdy and renewable, the grass is perfect for sustainable building projects.  Bamboo Living, a company headed by founded by Jeffree Trudeau and architect David Sands, offers gorgeous prefabricated bamboo homes ready to be assembled in the tropical paradise of your choice. You can assemble many of the designs rapidly, some in as little as two days.

The company chose bamboo for their line of dwellings in order to encourage the trend towards using materials that were both socially and ecologically responsible.  By using bamboo, they could make strides towards curbing climate emissions, restoring the native forests around the world, helping control soil erosion, and raising communities out of poverty.

They planted the first shoot in 1994, when Trudeau and Sands completed their first project on Maui. That home would lead to the construction over 150 others throughout the Hawaiian islands.

In 2002, the company became the first in the world to offer International Code Council approved bamboo green houses. By 2006, Bamboo Living had established the largest bamboo house in the country, and made an international name for themselves.

Currently, Bamboo Living operates through their Bamboo Works facility near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam where they employ over 160 local artisans.  The company has the capacity to design, deliver and build a complete green home within three months.  Buyers can choose from over 8 different sizes and  a variety of lines that includes signature selections.  Models range from individual houses to eco-resorts and development, and each prefabricated structure is backed by a 20 year warranty.  Finally, a cost effective and green solution to out-of-the-box housing developments!

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Photo Credit: Bamboo Living Home