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After researching for a full year, it was so simple and empowering to have a 60 minute conversation with you and be fully prepared to launch our commercial bamboo business!  

Your expertise and detailed knowledge of the best species to plant, how to plant, care for and harvest them were greatly appreciated!  

Your ability to step back and discuss the macro topics of the industry as well as answer all of my specific questions and concerns were just what we needed to connect all of the dots!

Jennifer B., USA

I met Fred through the Internet and was so inspired by his enthusiasm and he encouraged us to attend the Bamboo workshop in Mozambique. He opened my eyes to carry on planting and growing bamboo.

Fred and Natalia visited my experimental bamboo farm and provided many great insights and suggestions. I appreciate his enthusiasm and knowledge and am privileged to call him a friend.


Fred is very inspirational, a wealth of knowledge in the environmental space for expansion of Bamboo as a natural resource for climate change mitigation and its effects. A special person, insightful, supportive and a great mentor.

Flora A., KENYA

Fred is passionate about effective bamboo growing and its many benefits.  He has acquired a vast expertise of understanding regarding  bamboo for diverse applications and climates and was very generous in sharing this knowledge with me. I would recommend him as a go-to for anyone who is serious about understanding how to best utilize bamboo on a small or large-scale basis.

Jannelle G., USA

Fred has been working with our company on a partnership basis, and while we have communicated with him mostly remotely, I’ve gotten to know him as an engaged, reliable, upbeat and agile person with great professional competency and deep insights in Business Modeling around commercialization of bamboo, paired with solid understanding of social and environmental implications and benefits of such projects.

He has demonstrated deep and practical skills in the topic, also producing content to educate the audience and support the positioning of the topic. 

We are looking forward to building out the cooperation in further areas related to the application and projects connected to Bamboo.


I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Fred Hornaday over the phone and ask some specific questions that could only have been answered by an expert such as himself.

I wanted to thank Fred for all his time, help and inspiration that he was kindly willing to give to me. As a result of Fred’s input, I was elated to find my final grade being 1 mark short of an A+. I’m most certain this additional qualification will be greatly valuable in the near future.

Alanah Jayne Smith, UNITED KINGDOM

You cannot imagine how many things can be made with bamboo. It is really fun to browse this store! Everything is organized and neat, and the guy behind the counter was really helpful to us. I ended up with a travel mug and some locally made soap. The guy helping me said if you buy one bar of soap, another is donated to a women’s shelter. Cool. I also got a free bamboo spork for checking in!


So appreciative of the high vibe, the consciousness, the intention, and the offerings at this place!


Should you have any questions about Bamboo farming, processing, distribution, larger industry trends, or especially biochar production – you have discovered THE man to talk to: Fred Hornaday of Bambu Batu.

You already know he is brimming with information based on the massive archive of articles and videos his website hosts, yet talking to him directly (he offers consultation at very reasonable rates) goes above and beyond expectations. He is very well connected in the bamboo world, and is always up to date on current projects in all stages – including those very early ones.

Every conversation I’ve had with Fred has felt like receiving a PhD in bamboo. You enter the conversation with some specific guiding questions, yet you walk out with a full thesis.


[Fred’s] enthusiasm and passion for bamboo brought us together and since then I have seen in him a love of hard work, sharing knowledge about bamboo and promoting the development of this resource all over the world. He is always available to share his bamboo knowledge with others… I think Fred still has a lot to contribute to this booming industry. Reason for which I strongly encourage him has continued to impact this developing sector in his own way.


Bambu Batu, led by Fred Hornaday, presents a wealth of knowledge and insight into the world of bamboo. The site is a treasure trove for anyone interested in bamboo farming, sustainable building, and the environmental benefits of this versatile plant.

From detailed guides on different bamboo species to exploring the use of bamboo in clothing and construction, Bambu Batu is dedicated to promoting this sustainable resource globally.

Khomchalat, THAILAND

I didn’t know that there was life in bamboo, but with some little research, I met Fred, who completely changed my perception of this precious plant. Fred is very supportive and with immense knowledge of bamboo species and their various use cases – ecological, economic and social.

He is a fantastic mentor, very encouraging, and has a lot of enthusiasm for bamboo. His in-depth understanding of bamboo is transforming lives worldwide.

Eric G., KENYA

Everything bamboo and more! Clothes are so soft and so are the new sheets I picked up today. They have all sorts of unique things tucked throughout the shop. It’s amazing to see all the wonderful products that can be made from bamboo!! Not everything in this cool shop is bamboo. There was a beautiful candle holder I found with exquisite wood grain. When I asked about it I learned it is made of mango wood in Thailand. So I bought one. Definitely a store you will enjoy browsing through.


It’s not only the products, but the intentions behind them, that make this place worth visiting!



Two guys playing guitar greeted me at the door. Delicious tea being served in the back. Wonderfully soft organic tees and bamboo everything!!! The owner/manager was super chill. Good vibes all the way.

Posters adorned the wall with famous and memorable quotes ranging from Buddha to Bob Marley and Hendrix, respectively. Amazing. Can I live here? Can this be my bedroom?

A wonderful place to shop. Little figurines and statues, bells, clothes, bamboo, incense, what more can you ask for? Definitely great for gifts. And the live guitar music was a plus. Uber cool.