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Bambu Batu is a unique little store with TONS of products for the eco-friendly shopper. The bamboo shirts are super soft. I love the atmosphere as you feel you are really part of something and not just another shopper. They have a special place designated to nursing mothers so they can relax and break away to care for their little ones. To top it off the owners are as nice as can be. I recommend this store to anyone trying to live an eco-conscious lifestyle and/or those avoiding big box stores.

Tina R.

Such a great place!! The clothing is so comfortable and great to wear for gardening or yoga! The gardening decor and supplies are amazing in quality, price and zen. Love this quiet little shop.

Bella C.


Two guys playing guitar greeted me at the door. Delicious tea being served in the back. Wonderfully soft organic tees and bamboo everything!!! The owner/manager was super chill. Good vibes all the way.

Posters adorned the wall with famous and memorable quotes ranging from Buddha to Bob Marley and Hendrix, respectively. Amazing. Can I live here? Can this be my bedroom?

A wonderful place to shop. Little figurines and statues, bells, clothes, bamboo, incense, what more can you ask for? Definitely great for gifts. And the live guitar music was a plus. Uber cool.

Akane T.

It’s not only the products, but the intentions behind them, that make this place worth visiting!

Didi Y.

So appreciative of the high vibe, the consciousness, the intention, and the offerings at this place!

Danielle S.

You cannot imagine how many things can be made with bamboo. It is really fun to browse this store! Everything is organized and neat, and the guy behind the counter was really helpful to us. I ended up with a travel mug and some locally made soap. The guy helping me said if you buy one bar of soap, another is donated to a women’s shelter. Cool. I also got a free bamboo spork for checking in!

Gina C.

Everything bamboo and more! Clothes are so soft and so are the new sheets I picked up today. They have all sorts of unique things tucked throughout the shop. It’s amazing to see all the wonderful products that can be made from bamboo!! Not everything in this cool shop is bamboo. There was a beautiful candle holder I found with exquisite wood grain. When I asked about it I learned it is made of mango wood in Thailand. So I bought one. Definitely a store you will enjoy browsing through.

Keith C.