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Offline – The real world Batu

The first and only store of its kind, Bambu Batu of San Luis Obispo opened in 2006, with a room full of bamboo tables and bar stools, a stack of bamboo t-shirts, and a patio full of Phyllostachys. Today we live as Digital Nomads, continuing to run our website and provide an amazing wealth of bamboo knowledge on our blog.

The shop in downtown SLO may have closed, but the spirit lives on. And the webstore continues to operate. Our most popular treasures include the sumptuous bamboo sheets and towels, and our deliciously soft natural bamboo socks and underwear for men and women.



For nearly two decades we have been advancing the cause of natural, renewable resources through activism, education and commerce. Now, at Bambu Batu, we strive to inform the public about the amazing properties of bamboo as an abundant and viable alternative, as well as provide an outlet where conscious consumers can support the sustainable, local and ethical economy they believe in.

Fair Trading

And we aren’t just cuckoo for bamboo — we also research each of our manufacturers to ensure that they abide by the highest standards of ecologically responsible production and socially responsible labor practices. We are proud of the relationships we have forged with such vanguard companies as Bamboosa, Yala and the Arbor Collective. In addition to our formidable assortment of bamboo products, we also carry a host of local, organic, fair trade lines including the Poppy Soap Company, From War To Peace jewelry, and Swan Sisters Tea.

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