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Bambu Batu is the world’s top bamboo clothing retailer with the best selection of super-soft, comfortable clothing and bedding made of bamboo. Choose from dozens of bamboo clothing styles, bamboo sheets, bamboo bed and bath sets, kitchen accessories and more. All products are made of natural blends. A sustainable supply of bamboo makes it possible for Bambu Batu to offer a wide selection of apparel, accessories, home décor, bed and bath sets and more. Enjoy the soft touch and eco-friendly footprint of this renewable resource.

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From 2006 until 2020, Bambu Batu provided a magical space in San Luis Obispo, offering an unsurpassed selection of bamboo and natural fiber clothing, as well as bamboo furniture and kitchenwares, and an eclectic array of spiritual items. Today, our family has adopted the life of Digital Nomadism, as our website continues to bring you an assortment of superior bamboo products and a wealth of articles about all things bamboo.


Bamboo clothing is made of soft, natural bamboo fibers that provide a smooth, satin feel and that is heavier than cotton blends. Because of its amazing ability to breath and wick away moisture, it is naturally thermal regulating. It helps you stay cooler on warm days and warmer on cool days. It even has a natural anti-microbial agent that prevents bacterial from cultivating on it, which helps keep you odor free.

Bamboo’s organic and naturally smooth fiber properties are non-irritating to the skin, making it ideal for people with skin sensitivities or other allergies.

If you are new to bamboo, try it today and experience the unparalleled strength, versatility and luxurious softness that only 100% natural bamboo clothing provides.

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Timber Bamboo: The greatest of grasses

Webster's Dictionary defines timber as wood prepared for use in construction or carpentry, or trees grown for that purpose. Bamboo, however, is not a tree. All species of bamboo belong to the grass family, Poaceae. Whether it's a dwarf bamboo, just a few inches tall,...

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Best clumping bamboo varieties

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Is bamboo illegal?

There's a malicious rumor going around certain corners of the internet, and I'd like to put an end to it right now. In fact, there is NOT a wave of legislation sweeping across the country designed to outlaw the major family of grasses known as bamboo. Select...

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