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Bambu Batu

If Bambu Batu is the House of Bamboo, and Bambu is “bamboo”, then Batu must mean “house”, right?

Not really.

It’s a little more complicated than that. But only a little. Bambu Batu is the Indonesian name for a specific variety of bamboo. Batu is actually Malay (Indonesian) for “rock”, as in rock bamboo, more commonly translated as iron bamboo, and also referred to as Male Bamboo and Calcutta Bamboo.

Yes, that’s Bambu Batu: the Iron Bamboo — also known as Dendrocalamus Strictus.

Growing to heights of 60 feet or more, with canes up to 5″ in diameter, Bambu Batu is a giant clumper. This unusual black timber bamboo is native to southeast Asia and the Indonesian archipelago. It is considered the supreme variety for furniture and construction. And upon this Rock we build our House.

Be Strong! Choose Bamboo!