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There is no doubt that the earth and human beings are intertwined. However, our species certainly has a knack for pretending as if this were not the case. The Bioneers Network brings together leading thinkers from around the world to help heal the divide between nature and people.

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Travelers to San Luis Obispo come to the area to relax, take in the scenery, and engage with the community. While there will always be the sort who prefer a hotel or spa, many tourists are choosing to stay in unique, rented spaces provided by residents of their destination. Visitors get to sample a little local flavor at rates significantly less than many large establishments or chains, and property owners can find a use for old rooms, boats, apartments, or cottages. Sites such as Airbnb help parties find one another and list their accommodations. However, many cities have laws that restrict this kind of transaction, and San Luis Obispo citizens are asking to be able to lease their living rooms. is hosting a petition to amend San Luis Obispo’s housing code to allow for short term rentals. The backers of the petition to City Council estimate that the county could see a $7.6 million annual increase in revenue as well as attract a wider demographic than just the wine drinking set. Homeowners are able to supplement the high cost of living in the county, and get to share their love of the region with others. Would you rent out your space?


During the summer, kids seem to have a need to release all of the energy they built up sitting in school the rest of the year. Finding activities to get the little wiggle worms moving helps keep their bodies strong and minds relaxed. Through August 2, the lovely Heather Noyes is offering children’s yoga classes every day starting at 8:30 am – 12 pm. The cost of the camp hosted by the SLO Department of Parks and Recreation is $148, and parents can sign up through the website. The program will be held downtown at the beautiful SLO Library.

Heather Noyes is a Registered Yoga Instructor 200 hr with Yoga Alliance. She is also trained in Teaching Yoga to Kids through the Yoganesha Program of Santa Barbara. She has her Master’s in Elementary Education and her California Credential for Multiple Subjects K-5th grade. She has been teaching kids for ten years in a variety of settings: Water Safety Instructor (swimming lessons), Camp Counselor, Outdoor School Naturalist, School Garden and Science Teacher. She has been teaching Kids Yoga at the Yoga Centre in SLO every Saturday for the past year and is excited to be starting up Kids Yoga Summer Camps! She is the owner of The Nature Yoga, creating outdoor yoga experiences for all ages.

Far and away, the most common piece of trash we see littering the sides of freeways, clogging gutters, and disgracing our creeks and streams is the single-use, plastic bags. In San Luis Obispo County, shoppers consume nearly 130 million carryout plastic bags a year.  In California, less than 5% are actually recycled.  On average, the bags are used for less than 12 minutes before being thrown away, making their way into our landfills and marring the scenery.

Being near the coast, SLO County residents have a special responsibility to halt the flow of plastic into the sea.  Studies have shown that in the Pacific Ocean, 92% of seabirds and 35% contain petrochemicals in their stomachs.  Pacific trash gyres are composed extremely high concentrations of plastics with bags being a main contributor to marine pollution.  While we think that these bags are “free”, we pay for them in environmental, municipal, and social costs.  So, what is a concerned citizen to do?

Beginning October 1, 2012, all stores in SLO will stop providing single-use plastic bags.  Businesses will provide recyclable paper bags upon request.  Each bag will cost 10 cents, a fee that will reimburse the store for the price of bag.  To avoid the charge and do your part to help reduce unnecessary waste, bring your own reusable sack!  They can be used for years, and eliminate the need for single-use plastics.  For the most part, the use less energy in production, reduce solid waste disposal costs, and can even make a trendy fashion statement.

Here at Bambu Batu, we have several eco-friendly reusable bags for you to carry around with style!  Choose from our Blue Lotus grain and produce bags to store your veggies at the grocery store, bamboo totes, or printed Indian handbags.  Feel good about your purchases and your ecological footprint by making the switch to reusable bags!

Before Pecha Kucha, PowerPoint demonstrations and slideshows were the primary residents of the realms of Boring, Tediousville, and the Land of the Mind Numbingly Dull.  With multimedia conversations under 20min apiece and discussing subjects such as the bicycles built by the Wright Brothers, Moroccan/American/Polish/Latino creative writing and environmental art, there is something to keep everyone awake and interested.  Held this Saturday, October 22, at 7pm at the Oddfellows Hall in SLO (520 Dana St.), the night will offer seven presentations spanning the disciplines of art, regional politics, nature, medicine and music.  Suggested donations begin at $5 at the door and refreshments will be available for purchase.

Pecha Kucha was created by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo in 2003 as a venue for young designers to meet and discuss their works.  Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of “chit-chat”, the events have spread to over 230 cities across the world, all following the format of “20×20”, or 20 images for each 20 seconds of exhibition.  The brevity of each discussion provides for succinct conversations that focus on the most important and essential elements of a topic.  Any member of the community is allowed to present, and speakers are selected by community panels and organizers in each city.

Support the intellectual and artistic members of your community by attending Pecha Kucha!  Interested in presenting for the next installment?  For more information contact the organizers at (805) 801-6922.  Be entertained and informed this weekend with subjects that will expand your horizons and connect you to the fascinating individuals living in you area!

Ahhh, sunny SLO. What better way to relax, and fulfill two great New Year’s resolutions at once, than by taking in the scenery on foot and on your bike. You can get some extra exercise and reduce your carbon emissions at the same time. In fact, it’s such a good idea, there’s a whole organization dedicated to it.

San Luis Obispo Car Free is an non-profit group committed to reducing emissions and pollution in San Luis Obispo by giving incentives to visitors who commit to being Car-Free for the duration of their stay.

Incentives include discounts from local restaurants and businesses, activities and tours, and hotels and accommodations. Yes, in case you were wondering, your friends here at Bambu Batu are participating members. As are many of our neighbors, including the SLO Museum of Art and Creekside Brewing Company.

I can personally say that I don’t know any downtown area as conducive to a car-free lifestyle as SLO. I’ve been without a car for two and a half years now, and aside from the occasional bus trip out of town sitting next to Sneezy or Droopy, or the groans I get once in a while when hitting up a friend for a ride, I haven’t run into too many problems, and I’ve gotten to know the town better. It’s small enough that you might miss some of it — even a lot of it — if you stick to the comfortable, climate — controlled confines of your SUV.

SLO Car Free is headed by the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District, and was established in 2009. It’s a smart way to reduce pollution, and promote the community. Join the club! For more information about specific deals and participating businesses, check out their website: We hope to see your glowing and sun-tanned faces soon!