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We owe a lot to our fathers.  In addition to half of our genetic material, we can credit our dads with the clothes on our backs, the advice in our brains, and the love in our hearts.  They have taught us how to ride our bikes, repair our cars, and turn off the lights after leaving the room.  This Father’s Day, Bambu Batu offers a few ways to show your pop a little appreciation!


Cutting boards: For the Master of the Kitchen, Surf King or Rockstar, check out our durable bamboo cutting boards in the shapes of wine bottles, surf boards and ukeleles.

Bamboo boxers:  Mr. Practical doesn’t want too much of a fuss.  You know, “Just get me something I can use”.  How about a pair of super-soft, comfortable bamboo boxers?  Everyone could use a pair of underpants, and even the most utilitarian of dads will admit that a little luxury now and again can be as much of a necessity as food and shelter.

Lounge Pants:  What dad doesn’t enjoy a good lounge now and again? With a fabulously soft, buttery feel, these pants are great for hanging out, practicing yoga or just sleeping in dreamy bliss!

T-Shirts: Whether he wants a cool, short-sleeve basic top for summer, a stylish icon top from Arbor, or something to rep his SLO pride, Bambu Batu has got your dad covered.  Show him you care with simple and sustainable fashion!

Give your father the gift of bamboo, a symbol of strength, flexibility, resilience and sustainability.  He helped to make you, now help make him happy!