There’s a fun song we’ve been singing with our kids recently to help them learn the months of the year. Even if you’re well beyond the point of learning the months, you might still want to sing along. Cue the famous marching melody, and it goes like this: January, February, quarantine, December!

Short and sweet, but yes, that’s the year in a nutshell. In the end, we might not remember 2020 for all the things that happened, but for all the things that we had to cancel. Weddings, birthdays, concerts and nights on the town, all down the drain. And now we’ve had to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Looking ahead to December, will there be any photos on Santa’s lap, or eggnog-fueled revelry? Must we also cancel the season of gift gifting?

Absolutely not. This year, the coronavirus taught us to suffer through quarantine. But another leader has shown us that we don’t have to accept defeat. Not matter how overwhelmed we may look or feel, now is the time to prevail. We will have ourselves a very Merry Christmas, and nothing can stop us.

It’s been an interesting year for Bambu Batu, and small businesses everywhere are still struggling to adapt and survive. But we remain as determined as ever to help our wonderful customers enjoy the presence of bamboo under the tree, as you have for the last 15 Decembers since 2006.

NOTE: The Bambu Batu retail store closed permanently in spring of 2020. For an uplifting trip down memory lane, please check out this Pictorial Retrospective from the House of Bamboo!

Bamboo gift tips

We’ve all made enough sacrifices this year. So if there’s ever been a holiday season worthy of excess, this has to be it.

Bamboo Bedding

After a year like 2020, we all deserve to be treated with a little reward of some kind. And considering how much time we’re spending at home, rather than going out and traveling, Bamboo Sheets provide the perfect indulgence. Not only is bamboo bedding an ideal way to spoil a loved one with luxury, but it could also be the kind of gift the two of you can enjoy together.


Everyone who’s ever slept on our bamboo sheets agrees, they are a life-changing experience. I’ve always been proactive in soliciting feedback from our clients, in order to maintain the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction. And these 100% bamboo sheets are an undisputed winner. Whether it’s the softness or the temperature regulating properties, people are crazy about this bedding.

Bamboo Underthings

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas with a stocking stuffed with fresh socks and undies. For more than a decade, these bamboo boxers have been one of our most popular items.


But when it comes to bestselling bamboo products, nothing can surpass our bamboo socks. The unique blend of bamboo yarns delivers the softest and most comfortable sensation your feet could ever ask for. It’s like walking on a cloud, as so many of our delighted customers have reported. And now we’ve expanded our bamboo sock collections with some super fun prints for both men and women.

Bamboo t-shirts

We decided to retire most of our specialty t-shirt designs this year. So if you’re lucky enough to own a Kale, it’s what’s for dinner or a Be Here Now shirt, you can count your blessings. These are now destined to become collector’s items!

Still, we continue to carry a wide assortment of bamboo t-shirts, v-necks and tank tops in a host of colors. The blend of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton makes them the coziest t-shirts ever. Soft, breathable and temperature regulating like nothing else in your wardrobe.

Additional bamboo gifts from Amazon

If you can’t find the bamboo item you’re looking for at Bambu Batu, here’s another way to support a longstanding local business. When you use our links to make a purchase from, Bambu Batu will earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you.

To Go Ware bamboo utensil sets

These reusable bamboo utensil sets are a hot seller every holiday season.

Bamboo toothbrushes

Here’s another item that no bamboo lover’s stocking should be without. These toothbrushes are made with biodegradable bamboo and BPA-free soft bristles.

Holiday ordering and delivery

As you probably know by now, Bambu Batu closed its brick & mortar store in May of this year. The moment they announced the first lockdown, on that fateful Friday the 13th in March, we knew it was time to make a major shift.

For the past nine months we’ve been re-inventing our website and creating an online encyclopedia of bamboo knowledge while doing all we can to stay connected with you, our amazing customers. In the meantime, we’ve had to modify our selection of bamboo products. But we continue to deliver bamboo shirts, socks and sheets to our international clientele.

The pandemic has created enormous disturbances, and supply chains are still in a fragile state. However, the inventory on our website should be up to date. If you’re trying to get bamboo gifts in time for Christmas, please place your orders as early as possible. We will ship orders as quickly as we can, usually within 24 hours, but these days, we cannot guarantee the delivery time. Also, our warehouse will be closed from Dec. 19 through the first week of January. So don’t wait till the last minute!

Thank you for sticking with us, and we wish you the Happiest Holiday Season of all times!

What else is new at Bambu Batu?

I’ve been uploading my encyclopedic knowledge of bamboo to our website this year. Check out some of these fascinating and informative articles about our favorite renewable resource.