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Before Paul Stamets, I hardly gave mushrooms a thought beyond salad and stir fry, and a mild interest in what popped up from my lawn after a good rain.  After watching his captivating TED Talk, “6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World”, I gained a new and profound respect for these amazing organisms.

Imagine, a fungus that clean up an oil spill AND become dinner?  Fungi also can be harnessed to cure diseases, control household pests without the need for toxic chemicals, decompose a variety of substances, and filter polluted water.  Since 1980, Stamets has spread the message of mushrooms through his small buisness, Fungi Perfecti.  Certified organic, Fungi Perfecti promotes the use of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms to improve the health of the planet and her inhabitants.  Through the site, you can order one of Stamets’s fascinating books, buy kits to grow your own mushrooms, collect recipes, or read up on your favorite species.

A dedicated mycologist for over 30 years, Stamets is as fascinating as the subject he studies.  Throughout his career, he has discovered four new species of fungus, created numerous techniques for the cultivation of mushrooms, written six books, filed over 22 patents for fungus-related products, and conducted a plethora of ecological studies.  He has been the recipient of many accolades including the Bioneers Award and the National Geographic Adventure Magazine’s Green-O-Vator Award.  Most recently, Stamets has been given a government grant by the EPA to study the effects of mycofiltration on E. coli-contaminated storm water. Also deeply involved with the conservation of Pacific Northwest’s old growth forests, where many of the world’s most important fungi are found, Stamets is truly a remarkable individual.

Go and explore a compelling part of the natural world with Paul Stamets as your guide!


The people at Big Dipper Wax Works of Seattle are crazy about honey bees, and for many good reasons.  Aside from being keystone species that pollinate a number of plants including the fruits and vegetables we consume, these hard working insects produce such miraculous substances as beeswax honey, propolis, royal jelly and bee pollen. Bees have complex codes of communication, are expert engineers, and master navigators.  It is no wonder that Big Dipper has such respect for the labor and amazing biology of the humble bee.  This ethic permeates the business, and is evident in the care and consideration they take when producing their candles.

Big Dipper sources its wax from beekeepers throughout the Pacific Northwest where crops contain the lowest levels of pesticides possible.  The wax Big Dipper uses is filtered by a natural clay  process that removes impurities while retaining color and aroma.  Depending on the the flowers the bees are pollinating, the candles can range in color from bright gold to dark brown.  Beeswax is naturally dripless and smokeless, allowing for a clean burn that produces negative ions that help to clear the air, instigate seratonin production, increase oxygen flow to the brain, and regulate the endocrine glands.  All dyes are eco-friendly and cruelty free.

Like a good hive, the Big Dipper Wax Works values a commitment to the community and the environment.  As  Green America Approved Business, the company values social responsibility and ecological awareness.  A total of 10% net profits from candle sales are donated to promote sustainable beekeeping and support local schools, community health and research organizations, animal shelters, and sports teams.  All of the materials used in making the candles are locally sourced, biodegradable and undergo no chemical processing.  Big Dipper recycles and reuses reuses shipping materials, uses minimal packaging that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, encourages their customers to reuse their glass and tin containers by selling bulk refills, and composts organic matter.

Bambu Batu is proud to carry Big Dipper’s candles!  Choose from tapers, tea lights, pillars and garden candles that come with seeds and biodegradable pots!  Give the gift of warmth and light this holiday season with beeswax candles from a great company with a clean conscience.