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During the summer, kids seem to have a need to release all of the energy they built up sitting in school the rest of the year. Finding activities to get the little wiggle worms moving helps keep their bodies strong and minds relaxed. Through August 2, the lovely Heather Noyes is offering children’s yoga classes every day starting at 8:30 am – 12 pm. The cost of the camp hosted by the SLO Department of Parks and Recreation is $148, and parents can sign up through the website. The program will be held downtown at the beautiful SLO Library.

Heather Noyes is a Registered Yoga Instructor 200 hr with Yoga Alliance. She is also trained in Teaching Yoga to Kids through the Yoganesha Program of Santa Barbara. She has her Master’s in Elementary Education and her California Credential for Multiple Subjects K-5th grade. She has been teaching kids for ten years in a variety of settings: Water Safety Instructor (swimming lessons), Camp Counselor, Outdoor School Naturalist, School Garden and Science Teacher. She has been teaching Kids Yoga at the Yoga Centre in SLO every Saturday for the past year and is excited to be starting up Kids Yoga Summer Camps! She is the owner of The Nature Yoga, creating outdoor yoga experiences for all ages.

From September 6-9, Joshua Tree will be the venue for Bhakti Fest 2012, a combination music festival, yoga, and meditation retreat.  This family friendly event features activities for adults and children (kids under 12 can participate for free) including workshops, swimming pools, crafts, and ecologically responsible vendors.  Attendees can look forward to over 80 hours of music on two stages with performers such as Krishna Das, MC Yogi, Dave Stringer, Jai Uttal, and Deva Premal & Miten.  Top yoga teachers, such as Janet Stone, Saul David Raye, Bryan Kest, and Sarah Ivanhoe will be leading sessions that will stretch body and mind.  Bodyworkers trained in Shiatsu, acupuncture, massage, and Reiki will be available to heal and restore.

Celebrating the disciplines of mediation, yoga, and kirtan, this gathering combines ancient and modern wisdom in pursuit of spiritual awakening.  Each guest is selected for their commitment to expanding human consciousness and furthering the heart-centered revolution in devotional worship of the divine. A bulk of the proceeds are donated to a variety of non-profit organizations that provide food, shelter, medication, and environmental services across the globe.

Based in the idea of “seva”, the sankrit word for service without the expectation of reward, Bhakti Fest offers a work exchange program for those who are not able to afford tickets. Lodging is provided through either the Joshua Tree Retreat Center or campsites within the park.  For more information, visit the festival’s website.


Want to know how to cultivate mushrooms?  Interested in exploring the hidden nature of water?  Curious as to how permaculture works and what it does?  Care to try your hand at  creating woodblock prints, braintanning a buckskin or fermenting your own foods?  If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then a seminar at Polcum Springs may be in your future.

Situated on 203 acres within Northern Mendocino County (25 minutes northwest of Laytonville), Polcum Springs is a ridge-to-valley watershed boasting four seasonal creeks, thick forests, open grasslands, and a variety of native plant and animal species.  Focusing on permaculture and community living, the Springs includes a village designed by Bob Theis consisting of a common house, central kitchen and bath house, rainwater storage, garden, pole barn and dining terrace.  Resident cabins dot the property, some close to the village and others nestled deeper into the forest.

In all of its endeavors, Polcum Springs strives to harmonize with its natural surroundings, allow for the land and its limitations to dictate its use, minimize the disturbance of the environment, promote pedestrian-scale design, and use resources efficiently.  They maintain that the simple pleasures of life are the best, and members enjoy preparing meals together, hiking, swimming, stargazing and communing with nature.  All building projects are carefully considered so that they can preserve this relationship with the landscape and those living within it.


In addition to visiting for a class or seminar, those wishing for a longer-term stay may apply for a membership or residency.  Members hold interest in the Springs as a company and manage more of the business end of operations.  Residents (who are also welcome to become members) are involved in the everyday operations of gardening, finishing the construction of the village, and act as a part of a holistic, sustainable community. They live at the site after completing an application and interview process.  Polcum Springs ultimately hopes to become a thriving village of 15-25 people of all ages, personalities and backgrounds. Facilities are also available for rent to the general public with approval from the residents.

Amidst a world full of gadgets, fast-paced work schedules and political discord, it is comforting to know that there are still places where it is possible to reestablish a meaningful connection with nature and one another.  From getting your hands dirty tanning hides and farming, to stretching your body and spirit practicing yoga, Polcum Springs is a retreat from the everyday routine and back to the fundamentals.  For more information about their programs, visit the website at



*This is a now household phrase, thanks to Steve Jobs. And apparently, there’s now an app for yoga. That’s right boys and girls, you can yoga on the goga. Rough work meeting? Instead of a cup of coffee, step out for triangle pose or a series of hip openers. Can’t make it to your 6 p.m. Vinyasa class? How about a quick round of power yoga at the park, or the highway rest stop, or even the airport.

With All-in YOGA (available from iTunes for just $1.99), or any other of a host of yoga apps, you can personalize your session by length of time, level of fitness, and intention. There are a few different formats, as well. You can have a narrator or flash cards if you chose.

The benefits of yoga are well known. From flexibility and core strength to mental discipline and focus, great for young and old, men and women. And now it’s in your pocket!

Those who stand to benefit the most from this kind of easy access, are those who have hectic or strange schedules, such as mothers, artists and big time business folk. Though really, everyone can benefit from yoga. In the same way that anyone can enjoy a pair of bamboo yoga pants or a some bamboo athletic wear, whether they practice yoga or not. : )

Be on your merry way, smart phone users, and stand tall, because your posture is already improving! Namaste.

2011 is well underway, and more than a few things have changed. Mrs. Giffords is showing wonderful signs of recovery, people now feel comfortable openly mocking scientology, and there are rumors of the thirteenth sign of the zodiac. So with things moving forward, I have to wonder if anyone will catch on to the crazy and outlandish concept of baby swinging. Yeah. You read that right.

Technically, it’s called baby yoga. A very fit and outgoing Russian woman, named Lena Fokina is attempting to make the practice a more acceptable and common part of child rearing.

Everyone has heard of baby yoga. But the image it conjures in the mind is a little different than the viral video that has been circulating youtube, where Fokina is swinging a child around by its limbs like a baton. (It’s not been removed from Youtube, but you can still see it here.)

The practice also goes by the name “extreme developmental gymnastics.” Perhaps we can have baby swinging competitions (with energy drink sponsorships.) The idea is that baby hurling speeds up developmental processes such as talking, singing, reading and swimming. In her defense, Fokina claims that she has done this with her own two daughters, who are now wonderfully talented free diving instructors.`

When asked about the American outrage to her youtube video, she responded  “Did they notice that the babies aren’t crying—they’re even laughing—and that this system has been used for over thirty years in Russia and the children are all alive and healthy? If you need more proof, the best thing is to come see us.”

Well, it certainly sounds interesting. Fox News is against it, so it can’t be all bad. Though I have to admit, it’s probably not something people should try at home.

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