Feng wha? Is that a fungus? What’s that mean? I don’t really like things I don’t under… OUCH! Jeez, I’ve gotta move the bed. I keep running in to it, and for some reason I can’t sleep at night. Oh, so, you’re telling me that’s sort of what this Feng Shui business is about?

Oh, ok, a meeting of the laws of heaven and earth to govern our aesthetic world, so that we can improve life by receiving positive qi. Well, why didn’t you just say so before? Yes, the ancient Asian wisdom of balance and design is something we bamboo lovers take pretty seriously.

It may sound a bit silly to some, but for us here at Bambu Batu, with our recent move, Feng Shui was on the mind. And with so many people moving in to dorms, and houses with people they don’t know, trying to accomplish great academic things, it occurred to us that it might be helpful to you all to have some aid in the concentration, focus and ambition department. Here are a few tips to Feng the Shui out of your surroundings so you can get that ‘A’ and sleep at night.

Feng Shui for your office

To squeeze the qi out of your study room:

  • Make sure your office space is tidy. This may be fairly obvious, but it’s the first and most important step for concentration.
  • If possible, place your desk so that the window is to the left of it. If there is no window, place a mirror there instead. It will have the same effect. Try to avoid having your back to the door, as this will interfere with your concentration.
  • To make the room more comfortable and inviting, place a plant or wind chime near the window. Lucky bamboo and bamboo wind chimes are famously beneficial. This will help to prevent bad influences from coming in the window, and will bring good luck.

Feng Shui for the bedroom

Don’t let the bed bugs bite:

  • Keep your head AWAY from the door. Try and position your bed so that you can see the door, but neither your feet or head are facing it. (This is also useful when the zombie apocalypse comes. The head is the first thing they go for.)
  • Try and avoid sleeping under a window. Windows are entrances and exits for qi. You can either loose positive energy by dispersing it, or receive the full force of any negative qi that might enter. If you cannot avoid this, then hang a curtain to prevent the flow either way.
  • Avoid hanging depictions of water where you sleep. This can cause insomnia and bring bad luck to the bedroom’s inhabitants.

Hopefully these six little pointers will help you in the new adventure of the home decor department. It might be a little easier to decide where you like your desk the best, if there happens to be a window in the room. If you decide you’re really invested in the Feng Shui of your home, room, or dorm, come see us. We have a pretty neat Feng Shui compass to assist you in your furniture and art decisions. Until then, happy moving!

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