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Life in the SLO Lane

Over the years, Bambu Batu has earned a pretty solid reputation for creating some of the best bamboo t-shirt designs available anywhere. So we are very proud to introduce the latest jewel in our eco-conscious crown: Life in the SLO Lane.

Anyone who’s ever worn a bamboo t-shirt can assure you that it’s about the softest, most comfortable material known to man. Not only that, but its fast growing and resilient growth habit make it one of the most sustainable resources as well.

And anyone who’s ever spent any time on California’s gorgeous Central Coast can tell you that there’s no place on earth like San Luis Obispo. Often described as the happiest city in America, SLO has a charm and a lifestyle all its own. Situated almost exactly halfway between the sprawling metropolitan areas of LA and the San Francisco Bay, and about 10 minutes from the pristine coast, the little town of 44,000 features many of the cultural opportunities and amenities of the city, without all the hassles of traffic, smog, crime and congestion. Spend a couple days here, and you’ll soon realize just what we mean by the “SLO Life”.

This original t-shirt celebrates our way of life with style and comfort. It comes in several colors—sky blue, brick red, harvest orange, pine green and mustard—and in all sizes for men and women. This unique design is printed locally in small batches, so they’re not on our website yet, but feel free place your order by phone (805-788-0806), or better yet, stop by Bambu Batu and see it for yourself.

Kale for Marriage Equality

What do leafy green vegetables have to do with gay marriage? That’s what people are asking when they hear that Bambu Batu is sending $5 to a pro-marriage-equality organization every time they sell a bamboo t-shirt emblazoned with the parody slogan “KALE: It’s what’s for dinner.”

The connection can be traced back to the Baptist-owned fast-food chain Chick-fil-A, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Last fall, Chick-fil-A went after independent shirt maker Bo Muller-Moore and charged him with copyright infringement for selling hand-printed t-shirts that say “Eat More Kale.” The junk food juggernaut claims that this slogan is a direct violation of its own motto, “Eat mor chikin” (scrawled by cows). Muller-Moore refused to comply with their order to cease and desist, and a legal drama has ensued.

As an avid kale enthusiast himself, Bambu Batu owner Fred Hornaday was disappointed to learn of Muller-Moore’s harassment by corporate bullies. But when it recently came to light that Chick-fil-A had also been donating millions of dollars to organizations fighting same-sex marriage, Hornaday, a self-described human rights enthusiast, had no choice but to cry “fowl!”

Bambu Batu, an all-bamboo store based in San Luis Obispo, CA, specializes in ethically produced goods and natural fiber clothing and holds social responsibility as a top priority in its business model. The family-owned eco-boutique already has a series of original shirt designs addressing issues from clean energy to spiritual awakening, and this month Bambu Batu is releasing its own pro-kale message, hand-printed locally on 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton.

Moved by Chick-fil-A’s saga of unapologetic tastelessness, Hornaday has decided that with this product it’s not enough to simply send a mindful message on a natural fiber t-shirt. So with every shirt sold, Bambu Batu is sending five dollars to the pro-marriage equality organization of the customer’s choice, or to MEUSA if no preference is expressed.

Bambu Batu is proud to announce our newest bamboo t-shirt designs printed with sustainable, environmentally friendly inks, brought to you by local printer, Rebellious Nature.  This San Luis Obispo company offers affordable rates for simple designs and small-batch orders for hoodies, shirts, long sleeve tees, kids clothing and tote bags.  Each item is hand-printed on a manual press, ensuring a high level of quality and attention to detail.  Rebellious Nature uses PVC and phthalate-free inks, recycles their textiles, and uses only US made organic materials for their private line of apparel.  For a peek at some of their handy-work, check out  AnarchTee Political and Social Activist T-shirts and Bambu Batu’s Be happy and San Leisure Obispo tees.

Why are pthlalate-free inks a better choice for your health and the environment?  Pthlalates are petroleum-derived chemicals used to soften PVC based compounds.  They were first introduced in the 1030’s and became more widespread beginning in the 1950’s.  They are found in a number of products including toys, adhesives, flooring, detergents, cosmetics and other personal care products.  Combined with pigment and PVC resin, they compose most of the plastisol inks utilized for conventional textile printing.

Studies have linked a class of these chemicals called ortho-pthlalates to disruptions in the endocrine system, reproductive problems, learning disabilities and cancer.  Several of these compounds have been banned from use in products marketed to children, while others have been severely restricted.  Due to the possibility of these chemicals leeching into their environments and causing harm to both producers and consumers, many have started to use more environmentally friendly, vegetable based inks.

Enjoy peace of mind and comfort of body by wearing sustainable, natural fabrics with safe, earth-friendly inks!