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There is no doubt that the earth and human beings are intertwined. However, our species certainly has a knack for pretending as if this were not the case. The Bioneers Network brings together leading thinkers from around the world to help heal the divide between nature and people.

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Farmgram SLO

Local CSAs are a great way to eat healthy, support local farmers, and renew a connection with the land. However, what happens if you run out of ideas for all of those veggies? Often times, too many pieces of produce end up rotting in the compost bin because you either have no clue what to do with them, or cannot bear to look at the same ingredient for the third week in a row.

Farmgram San Luis Obispo is a project designed to deliver fresh food from the county as well as provide ideas and directions on how to use them. Each box follows a theme, such as the “breakfast box”, “juicing box”, or “meals with friends box”. In addition to vegetables and value-added items such as eggs, nuts, honey, or bread, the Farmgram comes with a chef’s recipe, starter kits for projects, and discount coupons. The canvas boxes are delivered directly to the home or office, making grocery shopping a breeze. Buying a Farmgram also helps those in need with funds each box sold used to donate fresh produce to hungry families in San Luis Obispo.

The project was started as a collaboration between three 5th year Seniors at Cal Poly. The trio hopes to encourage customers to learn new ways to enjoy the agricultural heritage of their homes, bolster local businesses, and promote food culture across the county. The Farmgram project is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, and is looking for donations to get off the ground! A pledge of $35 will secure you the first pre-order box. Contribute now to go on a culinary adventure that is good for the body, community, and creative spirit!

According to the Chinese zodiac, it is now officially the Year of the Dragon.  What can we expect in the future as we transition from the Rabbit?  Astrologers predict that the next year will hold good luck, as the dragon is the most auspicious and powerful of the signs, and an increase in the fertility rate.  Those born in this year are said to be intelligent, energetic, extroverted, often conceited, and quick to lose their temper when provoked.

Although considered to bring good fortune, some believe that 2012 will hold more international conflict, citing the relationships between earth and water elements.  The powerful yang of water might auger a natural disaster or the human struggles toward political equality.  The water sign also represents charity and generosity, which hopefully could signal for a positive transformation of economic and societal institutions.

While there will be fighting and strife in the days ahead, the elements are not as much in opposition as in the past several years.  From nature, we can forecast possible viral epidemics, and powerful disasters such as earthquakes and floods.  Sadly, experts say that there are fewer angels of mercy to aid in what could be higher death tolls than normal.  Fortunately, there should be an improvement in environmental protections and recovery from past human-made catastrophes like oil spills and and nuclear meltdowns.

Want to celebrate the Year of the Dragon here on the coast?

-Head to San Francisco, where 6,000 participants, 22 floats, marching bands, lion dancers, and an arsenal of firecrackers will dazzle your senses and help usher in good fortune and scare away the negative spirits of the past.  The parade is held on February 11, and is one of the largest celebrations held outside of Asia.  There is also a city-wide treasure hunt that takes seekers on a romp through San Francisco’s neighborhoods and rewards them with fun, prizes, and a healthy workout.

-San Luis Obispo locals can watch the Cal Poly Lion Dance Team perform around the county this month.  Witness a cultural tradition and see the amazing strength and acrobatic skill required to bring these creatures to life! If cavorting  lions are not enough to impress you, on January 25 the Peking Acrobats challenge gravity at the Clark Performing Arts Center in Arroyo Grande. Tickets range from $45-55.

-Cal Poly will be hosting a dinner on January 28, where Wushu Taichi masters Liu Yu and Norm Petredean accompanied by students will give a demonstration. This graceful martial art will inspire serenity, strength, and promote a healthy flow of qi that will help balance and prepare you for the upcoming year.

Break out the red envelopes, make some mooncakes, and have a great Year of the Dragon!


All great nations deserve great artists.  All great artists deserve great art supply stores.  San Luis Art Supply provides whatever your creative spirit desires.  Owner Neal Breton specializes in brands that are professional-grade, affordable, and locally produced whenever possible.   With several decades worth of painting experience, Neal has an incredible in-depth knowledge of the materials he sells and is always willing to give advice on how to use each item.  Prices are extremely reasonable and employees will let you know how to get the most mileage out of whatever you purchase.

The store carries complete product lists for several art and architecture classes offered by Cal Poly and Cuesta College and is a favorite one-stop-shop for many of the colleges’ students.  However, if you are looking for a craft store akin to Michael’s or Aaron Brothers, you will be disappointed.  San Luis Art supply caters more towards the student, serious artist, or those working with the traditional mediums.  If you are in search of painting, sketching, screen printing, calligraphy, potting or stenciling equipment, you can’t beat San Luis Art Supply.  (Scrap-booking, beading, and flower arranging are best left to Beverly’s.)

Not only is SLAS a wonderful resource for materials and knowledge, but it is a venue for gallery shows and the collaborative center for several cultural events around San Luis Obispo.  Local work is displayed monthly on the walls above the paints and pens, and Thursday afternoons are host to “Hang Out and Draw” sessions which are often sponsored by sketching or painting companies featured in SLAS’ product line.  Breton is the creator and organizer for “Last Fridays”, a city-wide night of receptions held in downtown stores, galleries, and cafes in order t0 present the works of younger artists.  On any given day, you will see friends and customers sitting inside the front door working on pieces, doodling, and asking the owner for color consultations.

Check out San Luis Art Supply and support a fantastic local business!  SLAS is located on 116 Morro St, (between Higuera and Marsh) and is open 7 days a week.