As you may already know, bamboo is a pretty big deal. And it just got bigger. A lot bigger.

With more than 1,000 known species, bamboos can vary from the size of a pencil to the stature of a skyscraper. Likewise, those who enjoy the comfort of a buttery soft bamboo t-shirt also come in every shape and size. But until very recently, extra-extra big and tall bamboo enthusiasts have had little or no options for generously sized apparel.

Now, at last, it is our enormous pleasure to announce the arrival of big and tall bamboo t-shirts for those who simply don’t have the physique for a standard XL or even double-X shirt. Although it’s a narrow niche market, we believe that the extra-wide customers have every right to lap up the luxury of high-quality bamboo attire. Made from the same superior fabric as our standard-sized shirts, with 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton, these prodigious garments come in sizes 3XL all the way up to 8XL. We’re also pleased to offer extra tall bamboo tees that run 4 to 6 inches longer than regular t-shirts.

Support the bamboo movement when you shop for bamboo clothing, bamboo towels, and bamboo bedding.

Shop for big and tall bamboo

We understand that finding cool, comfortable and fashionable clothing in giant sizes isn’t always easy. To make shopping for big and tall bamboo shirts as simple as possible, we’ve partnered with BIG BOY BAMBOO so you can shop direct and take advantage of any special terms offered by the manufacturer.

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Our big and tall department includes three styles of big bamboo shirts available in 3XL to 8XL. We also have two styles for the extra tall dudes, in sizes 1XLT to 4XLT. The big boy shirts come in standard crew neck, v-neck, or crew neck with chest pocket. And the tall boy shirts are available in either crew neck or v-neck.

All styles of the big bamboo t-shirts come in a choice of seven solid colors. These include black licorice, navy blue, lemon, lime, orange, oyster (dark grey) and fire engine red.

Given the ample quantity of bamboo fabric that goes into these oversized t-shirts, they cost a bit more than our standard sizes. All the big and tall shirts sell for $39.95, compared to $22-$30 for our regular bamboo and organic cotton tees. For a specialty-sized shirt made from specialty bamboo material, that’s still a pretty sweet deal.

Why bamboo

Our regular customers already know and appreciate the fabulous advantages of bamboo fabric.

  • Softness: Viscose from bamboo has a buttery softness like no other material, making it softer and more comfortable than either cotton or silk.
  • Breathability: Bamboo is breathable like cotton, providing unique temperature regulating properties. Bamboo shirts will keep you a few degrees cooler than a cotton shirt, and bamboo bedding bedding has the fantastic ability to keep you warmer in the winter but also cooler in the summer.
  • Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic: In addition to being softer and more breathable, bamboo fabric also has antimicrobial properties to make it resistant to germs and odors. This is a wonder feature for any piece of clothing, but especially advantageous with undergarments like the bamboo socks and underwear.

Environmental benefits

Superior comfort isn’t the only reason to choose bamboo. Many are drawn to bamboo for its abundant environmental benefits.

  • Sustainability: Bamboo grows faster than any plant on earth. And more importantly, it grows like a grass, meaning you can cut it down and it will simply grow back, stronger and thicker.
  • Oxygen: With its high metabolism, bamboo can produce about 30 to 35% more oxygen than an equal area of hardwood trees.
  • Carbon sequestration: While converting CO2 into oxygen, bamboo is able to store great quantities of carbon in its roots and biomass. Because the plant is perennial and lives on season after season, that carbon is not released back into the atmosphere after every harvest.
  • Natural resilience: Robust by its very nature, bamboo needs no added fertilizers or pesticides to flourish. Compare that to cotton which seriously depletes the soil and is highly susceptible to pests. Worst of all are the toxic defoliants used to obliterate the vegetation before harvesting cotton.

Bamboo from Bambu Batu

Bambu Batu started offering bamboo clothing and textiles back in 2006, long before it was fashionable. We understand what goes into making a quality bamboo garment, and we know which manufacturers are the most reliable and dependable. For years, we’ve been wearing the clothing, sleeping on the sheets, and luxuriating in the towels. We believe in the products and we share the vision.

Since 2006, our customers have counted on us for quality products and upstanding service. And it’s our pleasure to deliver.

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