To proponents of permaculture, farming is not just about the production of food, but a means through which humans care for their communities, restore the land, and display the most enlightened of agricultural techniques.  Modeled after natural systems, permaculture aims to work in harmony with the earth, provide nourishment for people, and place limits on growth and consumption.  The discipline draws upon elements of organic farming, population dynamics, bioethics, and ecology.  Through these practices, permaculture allows for more self-reliance and maximum efficiency.  Crucial to the understanding of permaculture systems is the comprehension of the relationships between each design element, from landscape topography to species interaction.  Practitioners become adept in the 12 principles that guide each new undertaking and at utilizing the guidelines to create dynamic farms.

Where better to get back in touch with your literal and metaphorical roots than on the Central Coast’s very own Four Elements Organics Farm? Join the teaching team led by Larry Santoyo this September 2nd-15th for the Earthflow Permaculture Design Certificate Course.  Tuition covers in-depth talks and hands-on training in the patterns and principles of EcoVillage Design and Economic Development.  The program is located at the beautiful Four Elements Organics Farm, nestled in the coastal mountain range of San Luis Obispo.  Four Elements showcases examples of permaculture and biodynamics, including such features as cob ovens, composting toilets, biodiesel production station, straw-bale greenhouse, rare herb garden, and orchards.

For more information or to reserve your place, contact farm manager Matt Finkelstein at!