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Life in the SLO Lane

Over the years, Bambu Batu has earned a pretty solid reputation for creating some of the best bamboo t-shirt designs available anywhere. So we are very proud to introduce the latest jewel in our eco-conscious crown: Life in the SLO Lane.

Anyone who’s ever worn a bamboo t-shirt can assure you that it’s about the softest, most comfortable material known to man. Not only that, but its fast growing and resilient growth habit make it one of the most sustainable resources as well.

And anyone who’s ever spent any time on California’s gorgeous Central Coast can tell you that there’s no place on earth like San Luis Obispo. Often described as the happiest city in America, SLO has a charm and a lifestyle all its own. Situated almost exactly halfway between the sprawling metropolitan areas of LA and the San Francisco Bay, and about 10 minutes from the pristine coast, the little town of 44,000 features many of the cultural opportunities and amenities of the city, without all the hassles of traffic, smog, crime and congestion. Spend a couple days here, and you’ll soon realize just what we mean by the “SLO Life”.

This original t-shirt celebrates our way of life with style and comfort. It comes in several colors—sky blue, brick red, harvest orange, pine green and mustard—and in all sizes for men and women. This unique design is printed locally in small batches, so they’re not on our website yet, but feel free place your order by phone (805-788-0806), or better yet, stop by Bambu Batu and see it for yourself.

Organic cotton parody shirt



Whatever happened to the good old days when deciding what to eat didn’t have to be a political statement or involve enough research to qualify for a doctoral dissertation? Now, if you want to be sure that you are consuming food that is free of pesticides, genetic modification or the influence of big agribusiness, it’s necessary to be hyper-vigilant about what goes into your body. Among the major offenders to the environment, small farmers, and decency in general, is Monsanto, the maker of Roundup and a number of GMOs that have infected other crops, created superweeds, and potentially affected the health of millions around the world.

From its poisonous pantry of industrial seed stock, Monsanto boasts a wide variety of “Roundup Ready” crops — including soybeans, alfalfa, corn, sugar beets, canola and cotton — whose DNA has been altered to withstand heavy doses of their own trademarked herbicide. This allows farmers to spray their fields with toxins, eradicating the weeds and  leaving behind nothing but their cash crop, albeit laden with Roundup®. These Roundup Ready crops grow prolifically in the United States, although they have been banned throughout the European Union and much of South America.

Here at Bambu Batu, we like to wear our hearts on our sleeves and our convictions on our shirts. We are now featuring a proudly organic (and non-GMO) cotton t-shirt that cheekily proclaims, “Roundup: Its whats for dinner!” For each shirt we sell, we will donate one dollar to Millions Against Monsanto, run by the Organic Consumers Association. The front side sports the chemical composition for glyphosate, the weed-killer sold as Roundup®.

Make a strong statement by using a little sense of humor! Start a conversation and a revolution to take back control of our food supply. Roundup may be what’s for dinner, but Monsanto will get their just desserts.

NOTE: Although our parody of Monsanto is protected by the Fair Use Act, we have opted not to list this t-shirt on our website, due to biotech behemoth’s notoriously aggressive legal practices, regardless of what side of the law they are on. Please contact us directly to order a “Roundup” shirt, and we’ll gladly send one your way.

This Thanksgiving, take a break from the traditional fine china and roast turkey for a holiday with a little more color, spice, and of course, bamboo.

The Dining Room Table: For an easy cleanup without the worry of washing or guilt of paper plates, set your table with bamboo veneer wear.  The disposable plates are lightweight, strong, and with their raw, earthy tones, perfect for an attractive presentation.  Our bamboo flatware is sturdy, reusable, and a worry free alternative to grandma’s antique silver.   Leftover veggies and grains can be stored in our bamboo compost pail with charcoal filters and removable liner for quick, odorless, and  painless trips out to the backyard heap.

Dinner Preparation: All good chefs know that the right cooking tools can be just as important as quality ingredients.  Bamboo spoons, spatulas, tongs and strainers are not only sustainable alternatives to hardwoods and synthetics, but surprisingly heat resistant, robust, and light.  Cutting boards do not generally scar as badly as their plastic counterparts, and can also double as beautiful presentation pieces.  Check out the surf and ukelele cutting boards here at Bambu Batu!

The Meal: Add a little Asian flare to your meal by cooking your turkey in bamboo tubes or as a veggie option, sauté young shoots with mushrooms and your favorite bit of green. If you prefer pork to poultry, you might enjoy this recipe that features spicy bamboo shoots.

Clothing:  When dressing for Thanksgiving, fabric with a little stretch is key for maintaining comfort when in possession of a very full belly.  Bamboo is the perfect material for creating the softest, most flexible, and stylish wear for the holidays.  Relax in a pair of lounge pants, impress your guests in one of our many beautiful dresses,  or show your gratitude for your food and where it is produced with one of our locally printed “Support Your Local Farmer” t-shirts!

Express your thanks for a grass that keeps on giving this year!  With applications from clothing to food, it is hard not to be amazed by such a remarkable plant!

We owe a lot to our fathers.  In addition to half of our genetic material, we can credit our dads with the clothes on our backs, the advice in our brains, and the love in our hearts.  They have taught us how to ride our bikes, repair our cars, and turn off the lights after leaving the room.  This Father’s Day, Bambu Batu offers a few ways to show your pop a little appreciation!


Cutting boards: For the Master of the Kitchen, Surf King or Rockstar, check out our durable bamboo cutting boards in the shapes of wine bottles, surf boards and ukeleles.

Bamboo boxers:  Mr. Practical doesn’t want too much of a fuss.  You know, “Just get me something I can use”.  How about a pair of super-soft, comfortable bamboo boxers?  Everyone could use a pair of underpants, and even the most utilitarian of dads will admit that a little luxury now and again can be as much of a necessity as food and shelter.

Lounge Pants:  What dad doesn’t enjoy a good lounge now and again? With a fabulously soft, buttery feel, these pants are great for hanging out, practicing yoga or just sleeping in dreamy bliss!

T-Shirts: Whether he wants a cool, short-sleeve basic top for summer, a stylish icon top from Arbor, or something to rep his SLO pride, Bambu Batu has got your dad covered.  Show him you care with simple and sustainable fashion!

Give your father the gift of bamboo, a symbol of strength, flexibility, resilience and sustainability.  He helped to make you, now help make him happy!