Witness and be a part of the unending cycle of life with your very own kitchen scraps. And our new Bamboo Compost Pail will help you do it in style. This handsome piece includes enhanced counter-top intelligence, with a plastic inside liner that can be easily removed and washed by hand or with the energy-saving dishwasher of your choice. Expect to see them at Bambu Batu no later than the first week of June. Call or stop by the shop for availability.

*UPDATE* Bamboo Compost Pails are now in stock!

Collect your kitchen scraps in this handsome 3.25-quart countertop compost pail. Thoughtfully designed with a removable liner and dual charcoal filters in the lid that keep odors contained. The removable liner also has a handle for easy washing and convenient transport to outdoor compost bin.

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