UPDATE: Enzo’s New York Eatery in San Luis Obispo has permanently closed. Looks like you’ll have to head to the High Street Deli instead, or to the Bronx.

So I’ve been going back and forth lately. To eat meat, not to eat meat. Being a former vegetarian then vegan turned back to fish only, then full-blown omnivore once again, I’ve gone through the wringer (or more appropriately, the food processor) of dietary decision making. Currently reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s treatise about his same struggle, the issue has sprung to the forefront of my mind once again.

One thing, in the midst of my lack of conviction in the situation, is certain: I prefer out and out, to support places that provide options for all colors of the dietary rainbow. I also prefer to support places that have organic, free-range meat should they choose to serve it (even better if it comes from their own family farm). I prefer places that have good beer on tap. I prefer places that are clean, and locally owned and operated. Also, I prefer places that are open 24/7. Does such a thing exist in this little town? Yup. Enzo’s New York Eatery.

Admittedly, my first experience at Enzo’s could be easily discredited. It was four (AM). But still, it was sooooo clean and sparkly. And then I ordered the french toast. I was expecting Denny’s style french toast of course. It couldn’t have been further from. Legit French toast, with just the right amount of cinnamon, butter, vanilla, and yeah, they had peanut butter.

I was sold. And then, when I went back in for a second cup of coffee, I noticed on their giant red menu, a substantially large section with the heading “Vegan Menu.” I had to look again, because not too far from the menu was a very nice meat counter, offering up cold cuts and house-made sausage… as it turns out from the family farm. No, that was right. Vegan pizzas, pastas, all kinds of stuff.

So not too long after my introduction to my new favorite eatery in SLO, I had to drag my other half, being that he happens to have a weakness for a good Philly cheesesteak. He too, was more than sold on the good vibe, reasonable prices, organic and free-range meats, selection, and of course, the authenticity of his cheese whiz-covered entree.

In sum, places like this don’t come along every day in SLO, so please. The next time it’s three or four in the morning, and you happen to be with your vegan best friend, yet you have the worst craving for a real hot dog, pay them a visit. And then pay them another one in the light of day. You’ll be equally as impressed.

Enzo’s Eatery WAS located at 733 Higuera St., between Mother’s Tavern and Bubblegum Alley.

NOTE: Tasha Powers contributed this “restaurant” review, which doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions and attitudes of Bambu Batu.