When doing a load of laundry, make sure your conscience is as clean as your duds. In order to save water and energy, some enterprising companies are manufacturing electricity-free washers. Intended for developing nations, environmentally concerned citizens, and off-the-grid living, these simple machines are efficient and inexpensive ways to care for clothing and the planet.

GiraDora Washer: At only $40, the GiraDora washer is a pedal-powered, portable machine that cleans and spin dries clothing. Water and clothing are added to the plastic tub, and the lid doubles as a seat while the user sits and operates the spring-loaded foot pedal. Currently in the prototype phase, the GiraDora is being field-tested in South America as a means of alleviating physical and economic stress among the lower income citizens.

The Laundry Pod: Using only 5 gallons of water and needing no electricity, the Laundry Pod is stylish enough for an apartment, but convenient enough for outdoor use. Costing around $100, the machine uses a hand crank to agitate clothing and spin away excess moisture after draining. The whole process takes less than ten minutes. Instead of spending up to several dollars a load at a laundromat or compromising limited living space with a bulky contraption, the Laundry Pod can be moved and easily stored away.

The Wonder Wash:  Capable of handling up to 5lbs at a time, the Wonder Wash costs about $45. By using the pressure built up by the expansion of the hot water added the drum, detergent is forced through the fabric at high speed, cleaning laundry in minutes. Small and portable, the machine actually works faster than its bulky, electric counterparts.

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