At Bambu Batu, we started selling bamboo towels long before most people even knew what a bamboo towel was. And since 2006, we’ve tried and tested at least 10 or 20 brands of towels made with some percentage of bamboo. But then we finally discovered Daisy House bamboo towels.

That’s when the search ended. It was like capturing the Holy Grail, only much much softer! These were the towels we’d always dreamed of. They are half and half bamboo and Turkish cotton, made in Turkey, and available in 27 lovely colors.

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What makes Daisy House Bamboo Towels so great?

There are many factors to consider when you go searching for the best bath towels of all time. But chief among them are softness, absorbency, and durability. In addition to that, you may want to have a wide variety of colors to choose from, in order to match perfectly with your existing bathroom decor.

Another consideration could be the earth-friendliness of the product. That includes things like what kind of materials are used in the towels, and under what sort of working conditions they are produced.

In each of these categories, the bamboo towels from Daisy House score somewhere between very good and excellent.

Bamboo Towels for softness

Daisy House towels are made with 43% bamboo viscose (also called bamboo rayon) and 57% Turkish cotton. Bamboo and Turkish cotton are both famously soft to the touch, and the combination of the two is just incredible.

In the past, we’ve tried many different blends of fabric, including 100 percent bamboo towels and 70-30 bamboo and cotton towels. In our experience, the 100 percent bamboo towels are a bit too silky and don’t have the same fluffiness as the bamboo-cotton blend.

And the Turkish cotton seems to produce a fluffiness like no other. The feel of these towels against the skin is just divine.


Daisy House towels for absorbency

A soft towel is a wonderful thing. But for functionality, what really matters is the towel’s absorbency. That’s another reason for combining bamboo with cotton. Bamboo is naturally very absorbent and moisture-wicking, but 100 percent bamboo towels just don’t have the same fluffiness.

Perhaps there’s a scientific explanation for what makes different types of terry cloth more or less absorbent, but I’m relying on personal experience. And in my experience, the bamboo-cotton blend produces a thicker and more absorbent terry. And the Daisy House towels have proven to be the fluffiest and most absorbent of any that I’ve tried.


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If you’re spending more money on a deluxe set of towels, you also want to know that they will last longer. And these towels do. Wash after wash, these towels hold up extremely well. They also retain their softness. We’ve been using some of our Daisy House towels for several years, and they’re still our go-to when we step out of the shower.


Daisy House Bamboo Towel color mix
Daisy House bamboo towels in Kiwi, Ocean, Bordeaux, and Pumpkin (clockwise from top left).

Color selection

With 27 colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Daisy House towels. That includes a full range of light pastels, as well as a whole spectrum of deep, rich tones. If you’re looking for bright colors, there’s a hot pink (Flamingo) and a royal purple (Exotic Orchid). And plenty of choices in the light neutrals, including White, Ivory, Soft Yellow, and Butter.

You can also find all sorts of exciting color combinations. Personally, I like how the Kiwi (light green) and Pumpkin (rusty orange) look side by side. Kiwi and Ocean (light green and light blue) also look great together. Holiday tip: Deep Teal and Bordeaux make a stunning combo around Christmas time.



We’ve been in the bamboo and natural fibers business for more than two decades, and sourcing the most sustainable materials is a high priority for us. We choose bamboo because it’s the fastest growing plant on earth.

Bamboo grows incredibly fast without the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers. It’s also excellent for carbon sequestration and generates more oxygen than trees.

We carry a lot of organic cotton products because conventional cotton can have a serious environmental impact. The Turkish cotton is not certified organic, but, like Egyptian cotton, it does have an excellent reputation for its high quality.


Labor Conditions

Many of our customers are concerned about buying products from China. We are proud to offer Daisy House bamboo towels that are made in Turkey. Turkey has a far better reputation than China and Southeast Asia for labor conditions and quality workmanship.


Frequently asked questions about bamboo

If you know, then you know. But if you’re new to bamboo, then you might have no idea. Here are some of the most common questions we hear about our towels.

How do you care for bamboo towels?

Can you put them in the washer and the drier? Yes, you sure can. The general recommendation is to wash the towels with similar colors on low or medium heat. The greatest longevity, you don’t generally want to wash them in extremely hot water.

As for drying, you can also throw them in the drier. Again, low heat is better for the towels. The best method — for the life of your towels and for your carbon footprint — is to hang them on the line to dry. But that’s not necessary; they are definitely safe to go in a drier.

Bamboo does take a bit longer to dry than other fabrics, especially the thick and fluffy towels, so we like to run them in the drier for 20 or 30 minutes and then lay them or hang them to finish. Or better still, you can hang them to dry, and then tumble them on air dry for a few minutes to “recharge” the fluffiness.

Are bamboo towels worth it?

If you’re looking for the least expensive possible towels, then you can certainly find cheaper options than bamboo. But if you’re looking for a step above, and you’re willing to pay a little more, then bamboo is an excellent way to go.

Keep in mind, not all bamboo towels are created equally. And just because they cost more, doesn’t always make them superior. We’ve shopped around, and we’re convinced that Daisy House bamboo towels deliver the most satisfying bang for your buck.

Overall conclusions

Softness, absorbency and durability are what make Daisy House towels our all-time favorite. We can break it down into all the different categories, but that doesn’t really capture the overall experience, which is just sublime. We’ve been using and selling this line of bamboo towels for over a decade, and we absolutely love them, and so do our customers.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Daisy House Bamboo Towels in a luscious array of colors

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