Here at Bambu Batu, we figure we know bamboo pretty well.  Yet, even we were surprised to see the incredible gadgets out there that are incorporating bamboo into their design.  Able to be as versatile as the minds behind these beautiful and objects, bamboo is the perfect choice for durability, looks, and sustainability.

With some species growing at a rate of almost 3 feet per day, bamboo is a hard-working plant. With Lexon’s line of renewable office products, you can show the same growth potential as the super-grass! The collection offers a number of stylish choices for the workplace, including pens, solar-powered calculators, crank-powered AM/FM radios, and LCD clocks, all fashioned from bamboo.

Want to cruise in sustainable style?  Check out Antoine Fritsch’s T20 Bamboo Bike.  The cycle features and electric motor, and can reach speeds of up to 21 miles per hour with a range of 24 miles. Acceleration is provided by the rider, who pushes off the ground to kick-start the bike. After a small initial amount of effort, the T20 is ready to zip you around town!  Despite looking a bit delicate at first glance, anyone familiar with bamboo will recognize that the flexibility and toughness of the frame is not to be underestimated.

Let bamboo brighten up your day with Green Tuna Design’s bamboo lamp. The style of the piece is reminiscent of craftsman architecture, and has a lovely natural finish that almost glows when lit. Powered by an LED bulb, the light helps save on energy while looking good in the process.

If you are a fan of bamboo, why not have a fan made out of bamboo?  The Haiku Satori ceiling fan possesses blades from the lightweight grass, and comes equipped with an infrared remote control to modulate speed.  Incredibly efficient, at its lowest setting, the fan uses half the energy of an 8W CFL bulb.  The Electronically Communicated motor with digital inverter allows for amazing savings in energy, consuming 60-80% less energy than a traditional ceiling fan.

No gadget list is complete without accessories for your computer.  Take a look at Impecca’s hand-carved KBB500 bamboo keyboard and mouse.  Helping to reduce the amount of electronic waste entering our landfill and polluting our environments, the set also adds a natural aesthetic to modern electronics. The mouse is a standard three-button optical model, and the keyboard is your average 104-key layout.