A new product here at Bambu Batu, our Prayer Bundles are hand crafted by our friend Renya in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Made in the tradition of Native American charms and totems, these aromatic spirit bundles contain locally collected sage, cedar, rosemary, lavender and pinon pine crystals. Renya then seals each one with a spirit feather and infuses them with singing prayers.

I like to think of these unique prayer bundles as a kind of lucky charm, something like a cruelty-free rabbit’s foot. A perfect gift, you can tie it to your key chain, hang it from your rearview mirror, or simply carry it in your purse or backpack. The fresh herbs and carefully selected feathers and fabrics make them appealing to both the nose and the eyes, and the personal prayers promise to bring good fortune and ward off bad ju-ju. There’s a blessing in every bundle!

Renya’s Prayer Bundles are a great fit for Bambu Batu, because we specialize in meaningful products that have a story behind them. Having met Renya, I know that the energy she puts into her bundles is all very positive and sincere. Our customers appreciate the fact that they are handmade with wild-crafted herbs and flowers and imbued with authentic blessings.