Need a little variety in your vegetables?  Get your garden started by swapping some seeds this October 5 at the Sixth Annual San Luis Obispo Seed Exchange!  The event will be held from 6-9 pm at the SLO County Library in the Community Room. Guests will be treated to a “storytelling library” about seeds, plants, and gardens. John DeRosier from With the Grain Organic Farm will be joined by Greg Ellis for a short lecture entitled, “Building a Living Seed Library in San Luis Obispo County.” Admission is free and open to all ages.

The Seed Exchange, organized by Elizabeth Johnson, is an excellent means of preserving cultural and biological heritage within the area.  By saving seeds with high germination rates and histories of high yields, heirloom varieties, and breeds capable of pollinating openly, traders are able to ensure a rich and secure agricultural future for their community.  Due to the increased interest in organic gardening and local food movement, the swap is likely to feature some unusual and interesting specimens.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Johnson at (805) 544-5364, or stop by the SLO County Parks and Recreation Department Office at 1341 Nipomo St.  Visit their Facebook page for updates and details on Exchange!