It’s a grass, it’s a tree, it’s … super bamboo!

Bamboo has long been revered for its striking combination of properties: Strong, Flexible, Hollow. Bamboo deserves emulation for each of these characteristics.

Unsurpassed in strength, bamboo makes an excellent substitute for hardwoods like maple and oak, an ideal material for flooring and kitchen wares. This is not simply the raw strength of a muscle-bound weightlifter, but rather the indefatigable resilience of a tai chi master. Its unique ability to bend in the breeze and flex under extreme pressure makes bamboo a natural survivor. The best demonstration of strength includes a willingness to compromise rigidity without sacrificing integrity.

Beyond that, most bamboo grows hollow. While many top-ranked athletes suffer from over-developed egos and over-inflated opinions of themselves, the graceful victor remains empty inside, always ready to receive, learn and improve.

Be like the bamboo, let your roots run deep and wide, and you too will survive the harshest winds and the deadliest storms.

So the next time you’re in a bind, need some readily renewable resources, and aren’t quite sure what to do, just reach out and call for super bamboo!

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