Bill Holloway and Mauro Hernandez of Masterworks Wood and Design in San Jose, CA are not only producers of beautiful works of art and utility, but responsible stewards of the environment as well.  For an example of their commitment to sustainability and technique, look no further than their reclaimed wood bicycles.

As with all of their projects, the materials are sourced from “urban” wood sources such as dismantled homes and buildings, scrap lumber, waste sites, and tree removal services.  Seals and varnishes are VOC-free, and both animal and human friendly.  Each of their six models of bicycle are made by hand from start to finish and are truly testimonials to the talent of these enormously talented individuals.  The bikes start at $5,000, which covers the cost of building materials and labor.  To visit their showroom, stop by Peninsula Building Materials in nearby Mountain View.

For a more lightweight ride, Renovo Bicycle company based out of Portland, Oregon creates custom frames from sustainable hardwoods and bamboo that are as strong and stiff as carbon.  Sealed to withstand moisture and elemental damage with VOC- free epoxy and linear polyurethane, the bicycle is sleek and durable.  Renovo demonstrates that wood can be a high-performance material, and its fatigue life rivals that of its metallic equivalents.  Each bike is made entirely in their workshop with a combination of old-fashioned human effort and high-tech computer modeling.  Built by airplane engineers, they will send you flying down the street and around mountain trails like a pro.

Return to the roots of bicycling with frames made of wood!

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