Lethal bamboo pests to be afraid of 

There is a reason why bamboo is called best nature’s substitute for the earth’s rainforests. This plant is a versatile product and its biomass production is unparalleled by any other plant species. This is why it is one of the most important creations ever brought to the world. 

There are different uses of bamboo, apart from the fact that it is used to make clothing and build houses, it is also used for medicines all around the world. In some countries, people use bamboo as a source of food. It has been found that this plant is rich in antioxidants. Plus, it has antibacterial properties that people can use to ward off germs and allergens. 

These are only a few reasons why we need to care for these plants. Without them, this could take a toll on the general health of our environment. One step to do so is to identify the pests that can infest and kill bamboo so we know how to get rid of them. 

Bamboo is a famously resilient plant, but it can be susceptible to pests. The biggest threats that gardeners encounter tend to be aphids and mealy bugs. If you are shipping or receiving bamboo poles and products from overseas, you also need to watch out for termites. You can use chemical or natural solutions to exterminate these insects, but the best solution is to maintain a healthy plant with healthy soil that inhospitable to pests.

Bamboo mites 

According to entomologists, these insects are our biggest concern. Not only are they invisible to the naked eye, but they’re also difficult to eliminate. Bamboo mites are responsible for sucking the chlorophyll from bamboo shoots and leaves, affecting its growth. If these go untreated, the bamboo will be left to wither and die in a significantly short amount of time. 


These pests are not new to us being garden owners. But the damage they pose is still the same. Just like bamboo mites, aphids suck the liquids of the bamboo plant causing it to wilt and die. The worst part about this pest is that it reproduces quickly, making the damage more extensive to plants. 

Thankfully, these can be easily spotted by the naked eye. These are small, soft-bodied creatures that surround the under-leaves of plants. They can easily be removed by spraying high-pressure water on the leaves of plants. Mix it with low-impact chemicals or essential oils for greater protection. I like mix up some soapy water, which can effectively suffocate the aphids.


That’s right! Not only do these creatures infest homes but also the bamboo. Termites build their nests inside the culms or canes of the bamboo. By the time you notice the infestation of termites, the plant will have been dried out. This is why termites are lethal to the health of bamboos. It is almost always too late before you know about the infestation. 

To prevent this, you need to be more observant about the things that happen to your plants. Especially if the land is moist and attractive to termites, keep a close eye on swarmers and small-bodied insects that thrive on the soil around your bamboo plants. 

Termites are of the greatest concern when working and building with harvested bamboo. To keep these pests from boring through your building materiel, there are various methods for treating the bamboo.

Mealy bugs 

This is one of the common pests that infest bamboos. In great numbers, it causes the bamboo leaves and stems to distort and discolor, leaving them stunted until they wither. Just like aphids, mealybugs leave some form of sticky dew that allows the formation of molds. This affects the well-being of bamboo. In great numbers, your bamboo will turn pale and stunted. If this is not treated, it could lead to the death of these plants. 

These are only a few pests that can affect the well-being of your bamboo plants. One way to get rid of them for good is by spotting early signs of infestation and applying the necessary treatments. However, in great numbers, you’ll be needing the expertise of a pest control professional. 

Face it, not everyone has the time and resources to fight this infestation on our own. Luckily, professionals can get rid of these infestations for us. Using their specialized methods for extensive pest control, they can eliminate the bamboo pests you fear in no time. Find a local exterminator or specialist to see how they can help you with bamboo pest control.

Prevention as the solution

The best way to keep your plants free from insects is by keeping them healthy in the first place. Proper watering and feeding is critical to maintaining healthy, well balanced soil. When the soil gets out of balance, or the plant gets weak and sickly, the pests can detect their vulnerability. The sense a weak plant and attack. So insect infestations are often actually a symptom of some other systemic problem.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Aphids on the march (Unsplash)