From shoots in the stir fry to privacy screens in the backyard, the uses of bamboo go on and on. And one of its best uses can go on your feet. Yes, bamboo socks are mind-blowing in so many ways. They’re soft, they’re breathable, they’re a treat for your feet. And now, with these brilliant prints from Socksmith® in Santa Cruz, the bamboo socks are even cooler than ever.

When we first discovered bamboo socks back in 2006, people were flabbergasted. The phrase “Who’d a thunk it?” quickly gained currency as the cliche of the year. But the verdict was swift and decisive. The feedback was unanimous. It’s like floating on a cloud. It’s like walking on a field of marshmallows. There’s no going back.

Bamboo socks with fun prints

For the first dozen years, our bamboo socks were amazingly comfortable, but visually pretty ordinary. At Bambu Batu we offered bamboo socks in a few styles. Now you can order them easily from Amazon instead: crew socks, ankle socks, and no-look socks. But back then, they only came in two colors: black or white.

Suddenly, the world of bamboo socks was revolutionized with the arrival of these super-fun, printed bamboo socks for men and women. Competitively priced at about $12 a pair, this fabulous footwear will turn heads and tickle your toes. And you will never miss a step. Wherever your passion may lie, from music to cycling to gardening, we’ve got the bamboo socks to fit your personality.

Within the first weeks of carrying these socks, they quickly turned into our best seller. And at Christmastime, they were without a doubt the stocking stuffer of the year. The most popular designs for women have been the cherry blossoms and the hummingbirds. For men, it’s been the waves for sure. But the dachshunds, bicycles and guitars have also struck a chord.

The socks are designed in Santa Cruz, California, and produced overseas. They are made with about 2/3 bamboo viscose, and blended with a percentage of nylon for added durability. About 2% spandex is in there to help them stretch and retain their shape.

What’s so great about bamboo socks?

The remarkable properties of bamboo are just perfectly suited for socks. Anyone who’s worn or even touched a bamboo fabric garment knows that it’s just about the softest thing on earth. Not only that, but bamboo material also breathes incredibly well, while also wicking moisture from the feet. Finally, bamboo fabric is also anti-bacterial, making it resistant to odor, which is a great characteristic for your socks.

Just be aware that bamboo is very absorbent. That’s why the socks wick moisture so well. But it also makes them a bit slower to dry when they come out of the laundry.

Bamboo and beyond

We’re sad to say that Bambu Batu closed the brick-and-mortar retail shop in spring 2020, but you can still shop for all these fabulous bamboo products online.

If you enjoy bamboo socks, there’s a good chance that you or a loved one will appreciate our wonderfully comfortable bamboo boxers or boxer briefs. Delivering softness where it matters the most, these are another of our top-selling items. And when you’re really ready to spoil yourself with bamboo luxury, check out our sensational sheet sets, made from 100% bamboo viscose.