Unlike a lot of people on the internet who run affiliate blogs and haphazardly review all manner of bamboo products, I’ve actually been in the bamboo clothing business since 2006. Bambu Batu was introducing Californians to bamboo socks, t-shirts and towels back when George Bush jr. still sat in the Oval Office. Those were the days.

Since then, my family and I have had the rare privilege of trying and testing an enormous selection of bamboo sheets, towels and underwear. And in that time, we’ve definitely found a few favorites.

Not only have we sampled these products for ourselves. We’ve also sold them repeatedly and had the chance to hear years of customer feedback. We’ve dealt with numerous customer service departments, and we’ve seen plenty of manufacturers come and go.

Why Bed Voyage

When it comes to bamboo sheets, we decided on Bed Voyage. In our experience, bamboo bedding from Bed Voyage has the best balance of price and quality. We enjoyed the sheets for ourselves and dealt with hundreds of satisfied customers.


For less than $200 for any set of bamboo sheets, including king and California king sizes, you can’t beat it. If money is no object and you’re willing to pay several hundred dollars for a set of sheets, you can find something even more luxurious. But as for me, and the majority of our customers, the $150 price point seems far more doable.


Bed Voyage uses 100% bamboo fabric in their sheets, rather than blending the bamboo with cotton or anything else. For some reason, blending bamboo with organic cotton really makes the t-shirts and towels better. I’m not sure why, but the shirts and towels seem more fluffy and more durable that way. (70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton seems ideal.)

But that’s never been my experience with bamboo bedding. Rather than a knit or terry cloth, the bamboo sheets are woven. They have the perfect weight that’s sturdy and durable, keeping their shape while remaining incomparably soft. Pure bamboo delivers the highest level of softness without compromising on durability.


Bamboo is touted as an eco-textile because it grows so incredibly fast, without the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers. But Bed Voyage is one of the few manufacturers to take the extra step to have their Chinese-grown bamboo certified organic.

This ensures that you’re supporting responsible, sustainable bamboo farming. It also encourages other enterprises to follow suit, helping to make organic the standard instead of the exception.


Oeko Tex has also awarded Bed Voyage their “Made in Green” certification. This guarantees that the fabric and materials have been tested for harmful substances and that their products are being manufactured under sustainable and socially responsible conditions.

Every year, Bed Voyage subjects its factories to a stringent 25-point review process, which is called a Social Responsibility Audit. This ensures that the workers are neither underpaid nor over-worked, and that there is no child labor. Safeguards are put in place to protect the environment and to ensure their health and safety.

As of summer 2021, Bed Voyage relocated its manufacturing from China to India.

Go here to check prices and availability on bamboo bedding.

Bamboo sheets and towels from SleepBamboo

Robin Williams once described Canada as the quiet bedroom apartment upstairs from the all-night frat party. I’m paraphrasing, but as America’s northern neighbor the Canucks are easily overshadowed. At the same time, when it comes to gay rights, gun violence and environmental protection, Canada does seem to have the edge over those party animals and rugged individualists from south of the border.

Case and point, SleepBamboo in Toronto. Since 2008, they’ve been manufacturing their own cashmere silky-smooth, anti-microbial, thermal regulating bamboo bed sheets and duvet covers that will amaze you from the very first sleep.

With that many years in the business, SleepBamboo has had plenty of time to perfect their fabric and produce a line of bamboo bedding products that can’t be beat. Fabulously soft, temperature-regulating and anti-microbial, the sheets are available in eight stylish colors and cost around $150 to $200 depending on the size. In addition to standard sizes, they also offer extra-long twin sheet sets for dorms and baby sheets for cribs and nurseries.

The same company also carries our all-time favorite brand of bamboo towels from Daisy House.

Visit SleepBamboo online today to shop for bamboo towels and bamboo bedding.

The properties and benefits of bamboo bedding

When we began selling bamboo bedding back in 2006, nobody really knew what it was. Those who purchased it back then were taking a sort of leap of faith. But the benefits were quickly recognized. And soon we were taking orders for bamboo sheet sets from all around the country.

The most obvious benefit of bamboo sheets is their softness. To me, it’s like silk, but not so slippery. I once bought a set of satin sheets. (This was before bamboo sheets were even a thing.) I thought I’d be up to my ears in luxury. But every morning the slippery sheets had slid right off the bed. And after the first wash, they were coming apart. Never again!

Bamboo sheets are soft in a way that just works. Not only that, they are breathable. This is what I heard more than anything else from our repeat customers. Night sweats be gone! Somehow the bamboo sheets keep you cooler in the summer. At the same time, when you crawl into a bamboo bed in the winter, the sheets don’t feel cold the way others sometimes do.

How to care for bamboo sheets

For such luxury, you might imagine the care for bamboo sheets would be complicated. Fear not, you won’t be hand-washing your linens in the bathtub every weekend. It’s as easy as wash warm and dry low.

Because bamboo bedding is soft on the skin and easy on the earth, we recommend using a good eco-friendly detergent. Seventh Generation is one of our favorites.

Also, it’s important to avoid bleach. Bleach is a potent compound that can damage natural fibers like bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton.

For best results, to avoid wrinkling, it’s a good idea to remove the sheets from the dryer before they are completely dry. Lay them out flat or hang them up to finish drying. Of course, for the smallest carbon footprint, you can also line dry the sheets from the start. But they are definitely safe in the dryer.

Finally, it’s important to know that Bed Voyage sheets come oversized. They will shrink about 4% on the first wash. So it’s a good idea to wash them before the first use. If you need more shrinkage, you can wash them hot the first time.

Bamboo bedding without wrinkles

Did you know that most conventional bedding is treated with formaldehyde? Eww, right!? Don’t worry, Bed Voyage doesn’t do that. And that’s a huge plus in my mind.

The toxic chemical coating prevents sheets from wrinkling. That’s why it’s widely used in the industry.

Alternatively, you can just take the sheets out of the dryer a little early to prevent wrinkles. It’s also safe to iron your bamboo sheets if you feel the need.

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