The sheer elegance of bamboo clothing and bamboo bedding might lead some to believe that it’s simply too luxurious for children to appreciate. At the same time, one of the greatest incentives for using bamboo is to help maintain and preserve a healthy, green planet for our future generations. And, of course, for most of us, the comparison between bamboo fabric and the softness of a baby’s bottom is just too good to resist.

Several features of bamboo fabric make it the ideal material for crib sheets, swaddle blankets, and other baby products. The feel of baby skin demands contact with only the softest fabric, and that would be bamboo. Bamboo textiles also have natural antimicrobial, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic properties. Unlike conventional bedding, bamboo sheets are not treated with formaldehyde to prevent wrinkling. All of this goes to ensure a delightfully cozy, chemical-free habitat for your precious newborn.

Why bamboo for babies?

Young and vulnerable, babies might actually stand to gain the most from the beneficial properties of bamboo fabric and bamboo sheets. Whether or not infants can really appreciate the luscious softness of bamboo is hard to verify. But close observation suggests that they love those Bamboo Crib Sheets every bit as much as we do.

More important than the sensational softness, in terms of the baby’s health, are the other characteristics of bamboo material. For some reason, clothing made from bamboo is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. That means it won’t harbor germs and is very unlikely to contain anything that will elicit an allergic response.

Furthermore, this also makes the fabric odor-resistant. Fans of bamboo socks have been aware of this favorable attribute for many years.

And like other natural fibers, bamboo fabric breathes very well. The most common piece of feedback we get on our bamboo sheets is about the incredible softness. But the second most common thing we hear is how temperature-regulating they are. Those prone to night sweats are especially thrilled by how well they’re able to keep cool under their bamboo cover.

Bamboo crib sheet set
Bamboo Crib Sheets come in a choice of colors.

Chemical-free bamboo bedding

There’s something else about conventional bedding that most people aren’t aware of. And conventional sheet manufacturers would prefer to keep it that way. But the genie is out of the bottle. The fact is that they spray sheets with formaldehyde to keep them from wrinkling.

It’s a nice feature. Not having to worry about wrinkles in your bed. But how important is that? Here at Bambu Batu, we’d rather put up with a few wrinkles and not have our bedding soaked with an embalming agent. Taking the sheets out of the dryer a little early can also help with that. So our Bamboo Crib Sheets are never sprayed with formaldehyde.

Bamboo blankets and swaddles

If you love wrapping your little ones in bamboo, and you’re looking to accessorize, bamboo blankets and swaddles are the perfect things. Enjoy that non-toxic, anti-microbial softness all day long. If you’re going to bundle them up and nice and tight, you want to be sure they’re swaddled in something soft and breathable.

Bamboo gift sets

It’s not always the right time to be having a baby, but it’s never a bad time to attend a baby shower! So if you’re celebrating this major event in someone else’s life, be sure to come prepared. Show your love with a Bamboo Baby Shower Gift Set.

Available in a variety of sizes, the baby gift sets come with 8 to 13 pieces. The deluxe gift set includes two silky-soft Crib Sheets, 2 lightweight and breathable Swaddles, 1 cozy Hooded Towel, 7 gentle Baby Washcloths, and a reusable Panda storage basket.

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