With the pandemic winding down, travel and tourism are finally picking up. That’s wonderful news for travelers and for those who provide their accommodations. If you operate an Airbnb, like nearly 700,000 other Americans, and rely on it for part of your income, then this is a great relief. But with more households adding Airbnb listings all the time, the competition is growing fierce. So how can you stand out?

Adding bamboo sheets to your Airbnb unit, and advertising that in your online description, is an excellent way to distinguish yourself in a crowded market. Organic bamboo bedding is an indicator of luxury, sophistication, and environmental awareness. When potential visitors see that you offer bamboo sheets, they will know that your accommodations are a step up from other Airbnbs.

Bamboo sheets will set your Airbnb apart

As of 2021, about 40 million American adults stay in an Airbnb at least once a year. And the rest of the world is following close behind. Bad news for the old-school hotel industry, this relatively new business model has created an enormous opportunity for ordinary homeowners and anyone with a little extra space to rent out.

But as more and more individuals seize upon this opportunity, the competition among listings grows greater every month. And as with any competitive marketplace, you need to find a way to differentiate your offering in a crowded field. You need to identify your niche and zero in on it.

If you’re just renting out a spare bedroom and hoping to attract low-budget, young travelers, backpackers and hitchhikers, that’s one thing. They’ll be tickled pink with a hot shower and free wi-fi. And you’ll be sure to meet some interesting and colorful characters.

But if you want the biggest buck for your bang, then high-end is the way to go. To do that, you should provide at least a private apartment, rather than just a spare bedroom. And then, take it up a notch with the premium accoutrements.

Furnishing your Airbnb with bamboo sheets will send a clear signal that your lodgings are a cut above the rest. And while you’re at it, you can stock the bathrooms with sumptuous bamboo towels and leave a fresh tub of Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer.

Bamboo bedding banner

Bamboo sheets for superior comfort

Anyone who’s slept on bamboo bedding will know and remember it as one of the most comfortable sleep experiences of their life. The smooth, luscious softness of bamboo sheets is beyond compare. They are silky without being slippery like satin, and deliciously soft without being warm and fuzzy like flannel.

In fact, bamboo is the ideal material for those who sleep hot and commonly suffer from night sweats. Bamboo fabric is cool and breathable, even on warm nights during summer vacation. But it can also keep you warm on cool winter nights.

The temperature regulating properties are remarkable. And so is the fact that bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic. This is a huge plus for travelers who may have unusual allergies or sensitive skin or who worry about germs.

Eco benefits of organic bamboo

Beyond the immediate comfort, you feel the moment the bamboo touches your skin, bamboo also has a range of environmental benefits. Unlike conventional cotton, bamboo grows quickly and easily without chemical fertilizers or toxic herbicides.

This woody grass is amazingly resilient. And as a perennial grass, it will grow right back after it’s cut down and harvested. That means there’s no need to replant a fresh crop every year. Moreover, it means that the carbon captured while bamboo grows will remain sequestered in the roots, instead of getting released every time the plant is cut down.

The bamboo sheets that we prefer, from Bed Voyage in Washington state, are certified as organically grown. In addition, they are not treated with formaldehyde. Most consumers are unaware of it, but conventional sheets are typically sprayed with this noxious chemical to prevent them from wrinkling.

Bamboo sheets are easy to wash and care for. We recommend washing warm and using an eco-friendly liquid detergent. Then pop them in the dryer on medium or low, or hang them on the line for the lowest carbon footprint. You can keep your chemical-free bamboo sheets from wrinkling by removing them promptly from the dryer. Or take them out a few minutes early and lay them out flat to finish drying.

Extra steps

Eco-conscious travelers will also appreciate things like live, healthy plants in their rooms. Besides making them feel close to nature, houseplants actually help to clean the air and refresh the oxygen.

You can also avoid storing heavy-duty cleaning products under their sinks. There are plenty of eco-friendly options that are perfectly effective. Chemically sensitive clients will truly appreciate this thoughtful gesture.

Finally, why not stock the bathroom with bamboo toilet paper. Cloud Paper is one of my favorite brands for high-quality, super-soft, tree-free toilet tissue. Most people aren’t aware of the devastation of virgin, old-growth forests associated with ordinary toilet paper production. Here again, bamboo provides a fantastic alternative.

We’ve got you covered

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