This article originally appeared in 2013, written by Morgana Matus. We updated it in 2022.

Is it just another case of greenwashing? Or are bamboo bathtubs on the very cutting edge of a movement determined to provide us with a cleaner planet? It seems like the old clawfoot tub is one of those classic designs that doesn’t leave much room for improvement. So why would you need a bamboo bathtub? To paraphrase an anonymous bamboo enthusiast, why not?

The Bamboo Air Bubble Massage Bathtub

In 2013, the Xianning Yuanshan Bamboo Industry Co. introduced the exclusive Air Bubble Massage Bathtub made entirely from laminated bamboo.

Those looking for a little sustainable serenity will be sure to enjoy this unique cleansing experience. The special edition bamboo bathtub comes equipped with a headrest, faucet, hand shower, jets, massage device, and chair. The tub is made completely out of water-tight bamboo, sourced from mature Moso (Phyllostachys edulis) out of China.

Fast-growing with an incredible capacity to sequester atmospheric CO2, the woody grass offers a warm, attractive alternative to porcelain or tile. The surface is treated with a nanometer-level oxide compound material that deodorizes, sterilizes, and releases anions into the air. Adhering to the standards of the Ergonomics Association, the tubs also come in barrel and portable models.

Laminated, much like the bamboo flooring that most of us are familiar with, the material is waterproof and resilient. It’s also easy to clean and not susceptible to the annoying ring around the tub.

Life can be challenging, and we all get dirty. But nothing says ‘relaxation’ like a good, long soak in a bathtub. Why not treat yourself right and indulge in a tub that also delivers an air bubble massage?

Unfortunately, this exquisite product isn’t available just anywhere. You’ll have to order it directly from Xianning Yuanshan in China. Consider organizing a bulk order with some friends to save on shipping.

Accessorize your bamboo bathroom

If you’re having trouble tracking down one of these air bubble massage bathtubs from bamboo, you might just try some bamboo bath towels instead. Made from a blend of spun bamboo and Turkish cotton, these sumptuous towels are the epitome of softness and absorbency.

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Bamboo furnishings

When you’re truly in love with bamboo, a garden in the backyard just isn’t enough. You want to let this magical grass wash over you, indoors and outdoors. Take a look at the following articles for more ideas on how to bring more bamboo into your home.